06 November, 2018

Ci Vediamo Anziano Garner

In spite of the best efforts of many
we lose Anziano Garner
because of Permesso issues.
We regret to send him off to
the New York, New York Mission
to finish serving his full 24 months.

There are Italians there.  
He will take an Italian copy of the 
Book of Mormon with him.
He will find someone that needs that book
and he will know why this transfer took him 
across the ocean.

We love you Anziano.
Thank you for your service here.
The New York mission will be blessed by your service.

Stay in touch.
Vi voglio bene.

04 November, 2018

Consiglio in October.

Autumn is typically a bit muted in Italy.
However -
at the Lampugnano building in Milano 
we found glorious color!
Enjoy a few pictures....

Now - for our great mission leadership.
 Anziani - Russbuelt, Rios, Kjar (AP) Laudert (AP) Rogers, Moss, Wilson, Christensen, President     Allen, Moody, Nordgren, Van Natta, Heidemann, Halterman, Wilks, Bona, Tenney
Sorelle - Boome, Dominguez, Reeder, Epps, Merl, Walker, Frandsen, Sorella Allen, Johnson, McConkie, Stolk, Nelson, Pearson, Simpson, Walker

This is a "go and do" group.
We can talk and talk,
but we came here to do.

We are a mission of faith a mission of miracles
We are a mission of obedience and hard work.

(The names of the Sorelle were accidentally deleted earlier.
I have no clue why, but the names are back again.
Sorry!  Completely unintentional.  I had put them on the first time.)

27 October, 2018

Christmas Package Questions

Dear Family of the amazing Milano Missionaries.

Christmas is coming!

We would like to give you some practical advice....

Ship sooner than later.
    We will see the missionaries at different times through December.  Plan to ship before Thanksgiving.  The "sleigh" isn't quite as magical as Santa's.  Please make your Christmas plans for your missionary sooner than later and we will deliver (ho-ho-ho) as we course through the mission now until (and even after) the special day.  The Italian mail cannot be depended on.  

Consider NOT shipping from home at all.  What?! ... Yes!  Your package will have a significant tariff placed on it.  Whatever you send and declare on the insurance will be re-charged to your missionary and will need to come out of his/her personal card.  i.e.  $100 value package will possibly cost your missionary 100 Euro.  This can take a little of the Christmas "joy" out of the arrival.  

Options -

Send packages via Amazon IT or Amazon UK.  Anything delivered from Europe will cost shipping only.  No tariffs.  You can also send a loving personal note with the package.  

Send money via their personal card.  This seems impersonal, I know... but sales start in January and they love finding something new to wear.  (And I do mean LOVE it!)

Send what really counts.   Christmas on a mission is a very special and sacred time.  What do they really appreciate?  Envelope mail!  Your words of encouragement.  Fun letters from siblings and/or nieces or nephews. Pictures.  A fun family movie expressing the love of all.  These things are free or simply the price of your stamps.  

Remember - 

They are asked to move frequently during their missions.  This is a great challenge!!!  Many of these transfers require taking a series of busses and trains and walking.... with large luggage!  Cobblestones are cute and quaint, but difficult to pull luggage on.  They do not need more to pull around.  Honestly, they need to get rid of much.  They do not need more stuff.  Perishables are more OK.  They will use them up. 

Missions are sacred experiences.  They really want a mission Christmas.  They want to experience a Christ-centered celebration of their Lord and Savior.  Things are just things.  You are family.  They love and miss you and are more excited for the phone call than anything you can give.  Think about having a spirit-filled visit with them.  Share testimonies.  Tell them you love them and that they are your hero.  Give encouragement.  Cheer them on!  Close with family prayer.  

Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for your missionary!  We love the Anziani and Sorelle!  They are our family here.  Your son and daughter are amazing.  We love and adore them!  We do have a small gift for every missionary they will receive prior to Christmas.  

Love, Sorella Allen


26 October, 2018

Every Beginning Has an Ending

After two years and four months
President and I would get used to 
saying goodbye.

We have worked for and with and amongst
these great missionaries
and we hate to see them go.
They were diligent
and lifted others around them.
The Milan Mission is better because of them.

Every beginning has an ending
and that creates a new beginning.

Our love and prayers and certainty 
for your great futures
are sent with you.

Ci Vediamo!

24 October, 2018

The Match

The most exciting part of arriving in Italy
is finding out where they will serve
and with whom.  
They should be very happy.
These are great trainers.

Welcome Aziano Cole
Serving in Genova
Trainer - Anziano Christensen

 Welcome Anziano Work
Serving in Torino
Trainer - Anziano McCuen

Welcome Sorella Morris
Serving in Lodi
Trainer - Sorella Henderson

 Welcome Anziano Judkins
Serving in Cimiano (MI)
Trainer - Anziano Escalante

 Welcome Anziano Bailey
Serving in Torino
Trainer - Anziano Lombardi

Welcome Anziano Casper
Serving in Piacenza
Trainer - Anziano Ross

 Welcome Sorella Carlson
Serving in Ravenna
Trainer - Sorella Flores

Welcome Sorella Wright
Serving in Livorno
Trainer - Sorella Mitchell

Welcome Sorella Southard
Serving in Montevarchi
Trainer - Sorella Cheney

 Welcome Anziano Harris
Serving in Udine
Trainer - Anziano McKinstry

Welcome Anziano Eden
Serving in La Spezia
Trainer - Anziano Wright

Welcome Sorella Hollander
Serving in Modena
Trainer - Sorella Dawson

We have some great missionaries!
Siamo Grati!

They are safe and sound.
And will learn how to
"forget themselves and go to work"

Safe and Sound - New Senior and Junior Missionaries.

new missionaries arrive!
Different heights, sizes, hair and eye colors...
but the same desire
to be the best missionary they can be.
We will assist them in this quest.
The Lord will also

"Ask, and ye shall receive;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
D&C 4:7

And so their mission begins.

We first introduce our Senior Couple
Anziano and Sorella Thorstom from Utah.
They will serve in the military ward in Vicenza.

This is really Italy. 

The next day we welcome Sorella Hollander.
We were sorry she had to travel alone and miss the
traditional events, but she is here!

Moms, Dads and family members of all kinds...
Thank you for sending your wonderful sons and daughters!
We are grateful to have them here.
They'll be amazing missionaries!