24 June, 2017


We have been given talents to bless the lives of others.
They are not always as visible as the artistic ability
of Anziano Simkins,
but they are every bit as valuable and glorious.
This ink drawing was a made for 
Presidente e' Sorella Allen.

This is Jesus Christ.
Of whom we testify.

Ci Vediamo Anz Johnson

Sometimes our plans are disrupted
by the necessity to "take care of health business".
Anziano Johnson is temporarily
home for surgery.  
Half his luggage was left behind.
It's a good sign we will see him again.
Speedy recovery, Anziano!!

Outgoing Missionaries - June 2017

We see new missionaries come to our mission the 
day before we say "good bye" to the 
outgoing group.  There is a big
difference in the two.  
I want to assure all who read this blog -
(mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles - 
anyone who knows these outgoing missionaries)
that your sons and daughters have
fought the good fight.
You sent your "kids" on missions ...
brave sons and daughters of God 
are returning in their place.

You are welcome at our table anytime.
God be with you until we meet again.

20 June, 2017

New Missionaries Arrive - June

We welcome our new missionaries.
(This is the first time the Sorelle outnumber the Anziani.)
We look forward to working with these willing
servants of the Lord.
"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God
ye are called to the work."
D&C 4:3

We are grateful for the desires that have brought you to the 
Italy Milan Mission.

Excerpts from the first day:
The airport

On our way to D'uomo di Milano
Finding and teaching as we go...

The day ends at the mission home for dinner.
Our oven is "on the blink".
Thank goodness for pizza!

Day two - First companion, first area.

 Welcome Sorella Pope
Trainer - Sorella Blandford
Serving in Brescia

 Welcome Sorella Button
Trainer - Sorella Lewis
Serving in San Remo

 Welcome Sorella Bowthorpe
Trainer - Sorella Morgan
Serving in Lampugnano, Milan

 Welcome Anziano Gillett
Trainer - Anziano Aglaure
Serving in Cimiano, Milan

 Welcome Anziano Wright
Trainer - Anziano Simcox
Serving in Merate

 Welcome Sorella Knight
Trainer - Sorella Causse
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Sorella Riley
Trainer - Sorella Orr
Serving in Forli

 Welcome Anziano Davidson
Trainer - Anziano Cuthbert
Serving in Torino

 Welcome Anziano Carter
Trainer - Anziano Blom
Serving in Torino

Welcome to you all!

We move forward from our desires to striving.
Striving to do our best to be our best - 
to be Disciples of Jesus Christ.
This is His time - not ours.
We must never forget.

11 June, 2017

Benvenuti Shumakers

We are especially glad to welcome
Anziano and Sorella Shumaker
from Arizona.

The Milan Italy Mission
is certainly grateful you have come.
We promise you will have a rich experience here
as you respond to this call to serve.

Serving in Arezzo as MLS missionaries.


10 June, 2017

Broken ankle

We are so sad to be losing 
Sorella Lo Russo
to a broken ankle.  It was a simple wrong step on
uneven ground to cause a devastating injury.
She still continues to "scatter sunshine all along her way"
in spite of the evident challenges.
These are the kind of missionaries that bless the people of Italy.

What's harder?
Serving or being served?
Sorella Lo Russo is one to meet the needs of others
and finds ways to serve in spite of her injury.
Thanks to her great companion, Sorella Tullis,
for "being there" in the best of ways.

"Where love is - there God is also."

New Missionary Training

One month after their arrival
our new missionaries are gathered again for additional training.
This is a wonderful group that is here
"for the right reasons".
We love them already,
and are so grateful they have come.

"The work of our missionaries
is a magnificent expression of
the Lord's redeeming love."
~D. Todd Christopherson~

We learn by doing in a mission.
It's primarily "on-the-job" training.
This "face drawing" activity related to the importance
of being a patient and caring companion.
We do our best.
Every face was different,
but every one was able to create a very fine face.