22 July, 2017

Benvenuti Anziano e' Sorella Griffiths

We are pleased to receive
Anziano e' Sorella Griffiths!
They will serve in the office and assist
with the important business functions of the mission.

D&C 29:34
"Wherefore, verily I say unto you 
that all things unto me are spiritual, and not
at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal;"

We are grateful to serve with you.
Welcome to your new home
and the Lord's Italian vineyard.

New Missionary Training/reunion

The most important starting point
of a new missionary is
their desire to serve.

The most important reasons for that desire
is the love they have for their 
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

We are very blessed to have this group of wonderful
new missionaries part of the
 la Missione Italiana di Milano.

Davidson, Gillett (President Allen) Wright, Carter
Bowthorpe, Button, Pope (Sorella Allen) Riley, Knight

Benvenuti tutti!

14 July, 2017

Consiglio - July 2017

Our great Milan Italy Mission
missionary leadership.

We counsel together.  
We are grateful for the great responsibilities
they have accepted and move forward with so well. 
They help to make our mission ...

 ...a mission of faith, a mission of miracles,
we are a mission of obedience and hard work.

July Zone Conferences - 2017

It's hot and humid
and the mosquitos are out,
but the missionaries of the Milan are undeterred
in their efforts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Zone Conferences are wonderful opportunities to gather
and receive instruction, renewal, and inspiration.

A synopsis of what we learned will conclude this post.

The Toscana Zone

 The Rimini Zone

The Bologna Zone

The Venezia Zone

 The Genova Zone

The Torino Zone

 The Milano Est Zone

 The Milano Ovest Zone

The Verona Zone

After lovely musical numbers and
great spiritual thoughts.

Zone Leaders presented:
1. Prayer - the importance of praying for ourselves and others.
2. Learning to rely on the Spirit.
3. Blessings of being obedient.

The Sister Trainer Leaders presented:
1. Planning effectively every day.
2. Working effectively every day.

Assistants presented:
Thoughts from President Uchtdorf's talk:
Aiming at the Center

Sorella Allen presented:
How the sacrament can help me become
a better missionary.

President Allen spoke on the value of striving
to keep the sabbath day a delightful day;
a day that is special from the others.

As we become better people
we will be better missionaries and our light will shine brightly.

30 June, 2017

New District Leaders

We are blessed to have such capable
 Anziani who are willing to serve
in the very important capacity of
District Leader.  It is their privilege 
to inspire their district and meet their needs
as they work closely with each missionary.
They are crucial to this work.

Left to Right
Sorella and President Allen
Clayton, Marochi, Jackson, Cuthbert, Johnson

We are looking forward the great work they will do in their Districts.

24 June, 2017


We have each been given talents to bless the lives of others.
They are not always as visible as the artistic ability
of Anziano Simkins,
but they are every bit as valuable and glorious.
This ink drawing was a made for 
Presidente e' Sorella Allen.

This is Jesus Christ.
Of whom we testify.

Ci Vediamo Anz Johnson

Sometimes our plans are disrupted
by the necessity to "take care of health business".
Anziano Johnson is temporarily
home for surgery.  
Half his luggage was left behind.
It's a good sign we will see him again.
Speedy recovery, Anziano!!