14 July, 2018

Consiglio - July 2nd

Avanti - sempre avanti!

As we move forward in the mission there is 
a continual change.
We are very unlike a jar with spare coins
that sits and collects until it is filled.  
We are a garden plant.

We have a tomato plant that is beginning to bear fruit.
It sits on the back patio trying to eek out
it's share of the sun.
Soon we will harvest our first fruit.
Then more will mature and turn color. 
Those will be harvested as well. 
Ever changing - ever fruitful.
Just like a mission.

Isn't it great?

Here is our current consiglio group.

Anziani - Halterman, Baker, McCuen, Johnson, Calton, Simkins, Ross, Ochs, (President Allen) Haws, Kjar, Montalto (AP) Christenstn, Laudert (AP) Gilette, Douglas, Hendry
Sorelle - Mineer, Bowthorpe, Ewing, Dean, Dawson, Henderson, Tafur, (Sorella Allen) Berrey, Santoro, Pacheco, Epps, Pope, Button, Dominguez

We talked about increasing the spirituality of the mission.
If we learn to rely on the Spirit 
the Spirit will learn to rely on us.
We certainly cannot do this work without him.

We are grateful and humble to serve Jesus Christ.

29 June, 2018

A Great Group Goes Home

What is the hardest part of a mission?

The answers would vary
depending on where the missionary is in the course of his/her time.
For these missionaries the answer would be
"going home is the hardest part."

Even harder than leaving families and friends for two years.

When you have given your all...
when you have spent your time and energy and testimony
in service for the Lord
with the sole purpose of finding the "pure in heart" 
and bringing them to Him...
you don't just leave.
You first have to tear your heart apart by saying good bye to a people
and culture that you have grown to love.
You say goodbye to a lifestyle that is so very difficult, 
yet so very easy because a mission requires selfless focus every day
and thus, freedom from all other worldly cares.
Then you consider all that you have gained by choosing to make this sacrifice
and you realize that the true sacrifice would be to
have stayed home.
The blessings that have come are immeasurable and impossible to measure.

We are indeed grateful.

(President and Sorella Allen)
L-R... Anziani Dalton, Whitlock, Challis, Garrett, Korak, Henderson, Jones, Clayton, Keller.

Our final dinner together.
Afterwards we sang a hymn, bore testimony of Jesus Christ,
and concluded with the mission hymn and prayer.

Well done Anziani!

"Bretheren, shall we not go on in so great a cause?  
Go forward and not backward.
Courage, brethren; and on,
on to the victory!  
Let your hearts rejoice,
and be exceedingly glad.
Let the earth break forth into singing.

Vi voglio bene!

14 June, 2018

Zone Conferences - June 2018

We are blessed!
Every one of us!
We serve in a wonderful country
with amazing people
as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ
with all who will hear.

But - it is hard work.  
Rejections try to chip away at our confidence,
energy and testimony.
Zone Conferences give us pause to regroup (literally and figuratively),
learn, and regain our commitment to give our all.
This is HIS work.  This is HIS gospel.  We are HIS disciples.

We begin with pictures of the Zones.
Recap of the meetings will follow.

June 5th
~Genova Zone~ 
Anziani - Jackson, Dalton (ZL), Simkins (ZL), Elwood, Ariante, Minnoch, (Presidente Allen) Moss, Bowden, Ochs, Favro, Abplanalp, Michellini
Sorelle - Simpson, Reeder, Dent, Johnson, (Sorella Allen) Mitchell (STL), Bowthorpe (STL), Michelline

~Torino Zone~
Anziani - Griffiths, Austin, Johnson, Gleave (ZL), Aglaure, (Presidente Allen) Moody, Fisher, McCuen (ZL), Dixon, Shill, Hepner
Sorelle - Griffiths, Spencer, (Sorella Allen) McConkie, Graver

June 6th
 ~Milano Ovest Zone~
Anziani - Montalto, Dalton, Christensen (ZL), Workman (ZL), Llerena, Tumblin, (Presidente Allen) Young, Heidemanm, Giles, Henderson, Traeden McKinstry, Russo
Sorelle - Button, Mason, Petersen, Pearson, Boome, Roterer, (Sorella Allen) Parker, Stolk, Henderson, (STL) Dawson (STL), Russo

~Milano Est Zone~
Anziani - Crowther, Welch, Cako, Jones, Castillejos, Johnson (ZL), Whitlock, (Presidente Allen) Korak, Leavitt, Cutrignelli, Cedeno, Melchin, Paskett, Laudert (ZL)
Sorelle - Cafagno, Delle Foglie, Trevor, (Sorella Allen) Button, Nelson, Pacheco

June 7th
~Verona Zone~
Anziani - Kewene-Hite, Tingey, Eliott, Baker (ZL), Rogers, Beaujeu, (Presidente Allen) Wilson, Moss, O'Riordan, Wright, Miller, Ewell
Sorelle - DeAngelis, Pope, (STL) Evans (STL), (Sorella Allen) Flores, Ashcroft, Nelson, Riley, Merl

June 8th
~Venezia Zone~
Anziani - Okimoto, Nordgran, Kjar (ZL), Haws (ZL), Garner, Wood, (Presidente Allen) Larsen, Johnson, Challis, Petersen, Rappleye, Hatt, Keefer, Garofalo
Sorelle - Okimoto, Sharp, Ewing, Evans (STL), Pope (STL), (Sorella Allen) Mays, Henson, Tafur, Bodily, Keefer

June 12th
 ~Bologna Zone~
Sorelle - Larson, Miller, Stanton, Walker, Frandsen, Stepherson, Berrey (STL), Santoro (STL), (Sorella Allen)
Anziani - Harrison, Cuthbert, (Presidente Allen) Davidson, Ruis, Bona, Sanchez (ZL) Torres, Tenney, Ruger, Douglas (ZL) Schow, Thomas

~Rimini Zone~
Anziani - Halterman, Garrett, Walks, Mcewen, Van Natta, Gomez, Goold (ZL), (Presidente Allen) Blom, Hendry (ZL), Lombardi, Hakanson, Russbuelt
Sorelle - (Sorella Allen) Ringo, Haisman, Williams, Anderson

June 13th
~Toscana Zone~
Anziani - Shumaker, Odeh, Walker, Rios, Burkert, Davey, Stratton (ZL), Gilette (ZL), (Presidente Allen) Keller, Wilson, Clayton, Eusebi, Nogues, Christensen, Marte

After wonderful introductions of missionaries new to each zone, 
we enjoyed spiritual thoughts and a zone report.  

~Time with Presidente Allen~
Enos - through a wrestling prayer of faith his sins were forgiven him.
He then wanted to share his "good news" with the Lamanites.
Enos prayed for the preservation of the records.

I am 100% in favor of following the guidelines in the Missionary Handbook.
I love you.  You came to be missionaries. You know what is expected. 
Never disappoint yourselves.

Five things to do from last ZC:
1-Daily planned proselyting for an hour minimum every day.
2-Members present at every lesson.
3-Take part in service.
4-Ask people to read The Book of Mormon "5 minutes for 5 days"
5-Plan time to call potentials every day.

Three new things to do:
1-Compliment your companion every day.
2-Serve your companion frequently.
3-Discover the blessing of 10 extra minutes of working hard every day.

~STL Training~
How can we know we are successful missionaries?
When we are prepared, we serve with all our hearts and strength.
Committed.  A mission becomes your life.
You feel the Spirit work through you.
Formula - Me + More = Christlike?
Me + Christ = More

~ZL Training~
What is the "how and why" of District Meetings?
We meet together to help:
Each missionary become a better missionary,
know how to help our investigators,
become unified in our efforts,
receive revelation and leave inspired.


~AP Training~
Review the Four Safeguards to online proselyting.
Do mobile device checks weekly.
We are here to protect each other and learn how to manage
our internet capabilities.

~Sorella Allen Training~
How did David find the courage to fight Goliath?
We answered this question in the verses previous to the battle.
As we wrote them down we found we have the same abilities that David had
... with the same God on our side.
We can win our battles through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

~Presidente Allen~
Closing remarks ... video of a man vacuuming without his hose connected.
We are working hard... trying to do our best... do we have our efforts
connected to our power source? 

~Testimonies of "Twinkling Missionaries"~

Mission hymn and prayer.

It was an inspiring conference!
Here are some pictures ... never enough I know ... Of some random moments.

He won.

05 June, 2018

Anziano Wilson Returns

We are glad to receive Anziano Wilson
as he returns to his mission service 
after a torn ACL.

The operation was a success.
We welcome him "home".

He will be serving in Montevarchi.

It is SO very great to have you back!

Consiglio - May 2018

We appreciate our mission leadership.

There is great responsibility in their assignments.
They are asked to be their best at being the best.
If the top "can't" the others "won't".
We wonder how we have been so blessed with such excellent
We know they care about this work because they 
love Jesus Christ.
Like the primary song:
"I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints.
I know who I am, I know God's plan.
I'll follow Him in faith."

Thank you for your faithful example of following.

L-R Sorelle :
Berrey, Santoro, Mineer, Dean, Pope, Evans, (Sorella Allen) Dawson, 
Henderson, Mitchell, Bowthorpe

L-R Anziani :
Dalton (AP), Sanchez de Bella, Hendry, Gould, Laudert, Johnson, Stratton, Gilette, Simkins, Douglas, (President Allen) Baker, Haws, Christensen, Dalton, Ross, Kjar, Gleave, McCuen, Workman, Montalto (AP)

This is a strong group.

"I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I'll honor His name.
I"ll do what is right;  I'll follow His light.
His truth I will proclaim."

That is what we came to do.

02 June, 2018

Goodbye - Halls and Visa-waiters

We have busily kept up with the "revolving door" of a mission.

(We do enjoy the "Arrival" gate much more than "Departures")
We say farewell to two wonderful Italian Sorelle who have been
called to serve in USA.
They worked with us while visas were finalized
and our mission was blessed to have them.
They are going to be amazing and
they are very anxious to be to their assigned missions.

Sorella Ranieri - Washington DC Visitor's Center
Sorella Battezzato - Temple Square Visitor's Center

They will do a wonderful work
as they fulfill missions for Jesus Christ.
We will miss their smiles, energy and dedication.
(We would have gladly kept them.)

Time passes all to quickly on the mission calendar.

Anziano and Sorella Hall have served faithfully
in Genova as Senior Couple Missionaries.
They have moved washing machines up stairs,
cleaned apartments, cooked, nursed sick missionaries,
made emergency runs, cooked, taught, served, cooked,
loved, laughed, cried and cooked some more.

What will we ever do without them?
We are going to find out like it or not.

Thank you for blessing the lives of all who have
crossed your path.

You are returning with honor.
It has been OUR honor to serve with you both!
Ci vediamo!

18 May, 2018

Our First Transfer Group Goes Home - May 2018

What is a "Stripling Warrior"?

It is someone who had a great mother.
Someone who was obedient.
Someone who does their best.
Someone who stays in the battle to the end.
Someone who also survives battle scars.
It is these missionaries.

We have the great privilege to serve with the best.
These are certainly a sampling of some
and they will be greatly missed.

Off to the airport and then home.

They are on their way home.  

Ci Vediamo!

(Please give them two tight hugs.
They did great!)