22 September, 2016

Here they are!
Some of the greatest Senior Missionaries ever.
We have yet to have them all together in one place
but here are six out of ten couples.
Can I just say how important and invaluable each individual
person here is to the Milan Mission?
They help take care of the missionaries and ward/branch members and willingly do whatever is asked of them.
They work hard.
We love them!  The missionaries love them!
The Lord loves them.

We had the opportunity to attend the 
living chess game in Marostica which is held for three nights
every other year.
Here are a few candid shots from that event.

We recently gathered in the town of Carrara where we were able to
tour the marble quarry.  This quarry has been in operation since 1000 years B.C. and is where Michelangelo chose his marble for the statue of David.  There are mountains and mountains 
of this beautiful white marble.  It is everywhere.  
Even street curbings are made from it.  

On another occasion many of us had the special opportunity of seeing the actual marble replica statues of the Christus and the twelve apostles.  The originals, created in the 1830's, currently stand in a church in Denmark. These exact replicas will be placed on the grounds of the Rome temple.  For now they are in the city of Carrara where it seems the very streets are paved with this 
beautiful and valuable marble. 

More postings of our Senior Couples will come in the future.  We are sorry that some have not yet been included.  Our mission is far and wide and gathering ALL is not an easy task.  Wether they are with us or not ... they are so very appreciated and we say
"Thank you"! 

Special delivery!
Welcome Anziano Marocchi!
The Milano Mission is blessed to have you.

16 September, 2016

One-on-one time with our missionaries.
We love each one, and everyone.

New Missionary Training

 Our most recent "greenies" and their wonderful trainers.
After 4 weeks of missionary service we bring them 
all back for additional training. This is a great and capable group! 

After sitting for the "serious stuff"
we incorporate learning activities to keep their
minds fresh and their bodies moving.  This activity focused on working well with their companion.  We talk about
their experience and what they've learned.  
They had very insightful observations.

New activity.  Problem solving.  Each companionship had to work together to disconnect the strings without taking them off their wrists.  There is a solution.  They had to ask for help.  
It's OK.  There are always solutions. 

Don't make it more complicated than it already is Anziani! 

05 September, 2016

Welcome to our wonderful new District Leaders! We enjoyed a great training meeting with them last week. They were challenged to lead with love and example.... the Savior's way. They are key leadership in helping each missionary stay focused and at their best. They also conduct pre-baptism interviews with new investigators. Their 
responsibilities are great, but their shoulders are broad!

Time for the Mission Hymn

After the meeting, the DLs were reunited with their companions, fed, and sent on their way.

26 August, 2016


We have been blessed to serve with
some of the Lord's finest.  
Even though our "missionary paths" crossed
only a matter of weeks, we were grateful for
the caliber of their service and wondered
just how we would manage without them.
They have left a legacy others will be honored to follow
as they have borne the name of Jesus Christ and
testified of Him and the restored gospel.

They served with honor.
From the bottom of our hearts ...
Thank you!

New Arrivals!

We have come -
To invite others to come unto Christ by helping
them receive the restored gospel through faith 
in Jesus Christ and His Atonement,
Through repentance, baptism, receiving the gift
of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

We are grateful for our wonderful new missionaries.
Please let us introduce them to you. 

 Anziano Jones with his trainer Anziano Gibb
They are serving in Savona

 Anziano Clayton with his trainer Anziano Barragan
They are serving in Alessandria

  Anziano Henderson with his trainer Anziano Thomas
They are serving in Collegno

   Sorella Springer with her trainer Sorella McHardy
They are serving in Collegno

   Anziano Garrett with his trainer Anziano Cabrera
They are serving in Vercelli

   Anziano Johnson with his trainer Anziano Brown
They are serving in Milano Lampugnano

   Sorella Roloff with her trainer Sorella Poletz
They are serving in Milano Lampugnano

   Anziano Korak with his trainer Anziano Smith
They are serving in Bressanone

   Anziano Dalton with his trainer Anziano Lilly
They are serving in Pavia

   Sorella Casalino with her trainer Sorella Rosano
They are serving in Pisa

   Sorella Carley with her trainer Sorella Harris
They are serving in Verona

   Anziano Whitlock with his trainer Anziano Bruggeman
They are serving in Bergamo

   Anziano Brown with his trainer Anziano Juh√†sz
They are serving in Padova

   Anziano Minnoch with his trainer Anziano Hogan
They are serving in Bologna

   Anziano Keller with his trainer Anziano Lingardo
They are serving in Montevarchi

   Anziano Challis with his trainer Anziano Buckles
They are serving in Udine

Their first real meal in Italy.  We served them
a traditional Italian dinner.  They were
wonderful guests!
Thank you for coming to the Italy Milan Mission!