18 May, 2018

Our First Transfer Group Goes Home - May 2018

What is a "Stripling Warrior"?

It is someone who had a great mother.
Someone who was obedient.
Someone who does their best.
Someone who stays in the battle to the end.
Someone who also survives battle scars.
It is these missionaries.

We have the great privilege to serve with the best.
These are certainly a sampling of some
and they will be greatly missed.

Off to the airport and then home.

They are on their way home.  

Ci Vediamo!

(Please give them two tight hugs.
They did great!)

New Missionaries! May 2018

The six week cycle continues...

We welcome four new missionaries!
Two from Southern Italy and two from the States.
We are a group of diversity in cultures and talents
but are unified by a common goal to share the gospel with the people here.
We are blessed, 
and welcome each individual missionary
to bring what they have and watch the personal increase 
and blessings that comes from giving our all.

 Anziani Schow, Cedeno, Llerena (Presidente e' Sorella Allen) Sorella Stanton

Here is a recap of the days.
Our Italian missionaries and Senior couple arrived on 
Tuesday - May 15th

Benvenuti Anziani Cedeno e' Llerna!

We welcome Anziano e' Sorella Michelini
from Canada.  They will be serving in Genova and 
are taking the Hall's assignment.

Wednesday - May 16
Our missionaries from Provo MTC arrive.

Our "meet and greet" group...

Now... off to Duomo as we metro-find.

"All are safely gathered in."

Thursday - The Match!
 Anziano Cedeno
Serving in Cimiano
Trainer - Anziano Cutrignelli

 Anziano Llerena
Serving in Como
Trainer - Anziano Tumblin

 Anziano Schow
Serving in Padova
Trainer - Anziano Tenney

Sorella Stanton
Serving in Piacenza
Trainer - Sorella Walker

Training ... then off you go!

"May the good Lord bless and keep you."

14 May, 2018

Senior Couples Mission "Adventure" - Torino

First -
Special thanks to Anziano and Sorella Hall
for researching and arranging all the events and accommodations 
for this Senior Couples Mission Adventure.
Adventure it was!

Wednesday, May 9th, we checked in to our lovely hotel
and walked to the Museo Egizio.
This is rated the BEST Egyptian museum
in the world!
We figuratively (and literally) found
ourselves lost in a world of long ago.
Afterwards we trekked to the Mole Antonelliana,
which is the highest masonry building in Italy.
We rode the elevator to the top for a lovely panoramic view.

On May 10th many took the opportunity in the morning to go
to a local duomo to see the Shroud of Turin
and Roman ruins.
Afterwards we drove to Torre Pelice and Angrona 
to see the Rock of Prophecy where President Snow
dedicated Italy for missionary work.  
We walked in the mountains to a leaning rock
cave church where the Waldensians met to
secretly live their religion.  
The Waldensians were a persecuted people who
fought for their religious rights.
A short fireside was held before we left for dinner.

On May 11th we enjoyed walking through
Venaria Reale, Italy's "Little Versailles"
and took note of the long-ago lifestyle of the "rich and famous".

Thank you for a wonderful time!
(Should I mention a couple gelato stops?  Of course!)

Anziano and Sorella Neilson, Sorella and Anziano Okimoto, Sorella and Anziano Shumaker, 
Anziano and Sorella Hall, (President and Sorella Allen) Sorella and Anziano Russo,
Sorella and Anziano Griffiths.

Such great serving, sacrificing people we work with.
More pictures to come...

Grazie mille Anziano and Sorella Hall!
This was a "most excellent adventure"!
You will be greatly missed.