20 September, 2018

New Missionaries - September 2018

Safe and sound.

I am reminded of words from the song: 
Come, Ye Thankful People

"All is safely gathered in Ere the winter storms begin."

From your home to ours, they are safely gathered here
and we will watch over them.
More importantly, the Lord will watch over them.
We are grateful to have them here.
They are needed and we will rely on them
to do their best.

Here they are...

Duomo di Milano

The Match
 Welcome Anziano Bawden
Serving with - Anziano Abplanalp

 Welcome Anziano Buckner
Serving with - Anziano Cako

 Welcome Anziano Fry
Serving with - Anziano Hepner

 Welcome Anziano Humble
Serving with Anziano Cedeno

Welcome Anziano Landon
Serving with - Anziano Gillett

 Welcome Anziano Mosteller
Serving with - Anziano Welch
Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Anziano Tagg
Serving with - Anziano Leavitt

 Welcome Sorella Smith
Serving with - Sorella Ewing

 Welcome Sorella Drent
Serving with - Sorella Graver

 Welcome Anziano Darrington
Serving with - Anziano Ruger

Welcome Anziano Brown
Serving with - Anziano Ewell

A glimpse into our first 24 hours...

(Some action shots are blurry - sorry!)

Safely gathered.

Thank you for your loving support.

18 September, 2018

Ci Vediamo - the Okimoto Couple Go Home

Time flies by so very quickly on a mission.  
The cliche "it seems like only yesterday"
applies constantly.
We have just received this bubbly, energetic and generous couple
not so long ago, and now it is time
for them to go back to Utah.
They worked hard with both the Italian ward
and military ward in Vicenza.

Family back home certainly are glad to see them.
THIS family "back home" misses them.

Ci vediamo!
(see you again)

Thank you - thank you!

Senior Couples Conference/Adventure September

We enjoyed a full schedule seeing the sites of NE Italy.
Special thanks to the Shumakers and Okimotos 
for their hard work in organizing our activities.
It was all greatly enjoyed!

The Senior Couples are wonderful people.
They have left their families to adopt new families.
We are so grateful.

 Couples - Griffith, Okimoto, Allen, Keefer, Michelini, Shumaker, Gale, Neilsen

Candid dinner shots in Camisano Vicentino

The amazing Scrovegni Chapel
(Rainy day)

Duomo di Padua

Marostica Chess Game

Couples - Griffith, Neilsen, Gale, Shumaker, Allen, Michelini, Okimoto.
Mission - Keefer and Russo

We ended with a fireside.
It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time together.