19 October, 2016

The Anziani and Sorelle that make up
the leadership of our mission. 
Here we asked the three groups to line up according to height.

 "But the Lord said unto Samuel, 
look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature;
because I have refused him;

 for man locket on the outward appearance,
but the Lord locket on the heart."
1 Samuel 16:7

I believe the Lord likes what He sees.

17 October, 2016

"As you pray often and sincerely for opportunities to 'stand as 
a witness of God,' those opportunities will come."
~Neal L Anderson~
We welcome our new District Leaders

13 October, 2016

Outgoing Missionaries

Our outgoing missionaries.

"And he ... took the five loaves and the two fishes, and
looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake and gave the loans to his
disciples, and the disciples to the multitude."  Matthew 14;19

Thank you for giving your "loaves and fishes"
to Him as you served in the Missione di Milano.
You will be ever missed.  Ever appreciated.

12 October, 2016

New Missionaries

Press forward, Saints, 
with steadfast faith in Christ,
With hope's bright flame alive in heart and mind,
With love of God and love of all mankind.
Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

The arrival of new missionaries.
Two come from Southern Italy first.

Next day - from Provo MTC

 Anziano Aglaure with his trainer, Anziano Heussner. They are serving in Firenze.

Sorella Burgess with her trainer, Sorella Fife. They are serving in Alessandria. 

 Anziano Chaz Johnson with his trainer, Anziano Da Ponte. They are serving in Merate.

 Sorella Cazier with her trainer, Sorella Teague. They are serving in Como.

Anziano Cuthbert with his trainer, Anziano Farneman. They are serving in Forlì. 

Anziano Cutrignelli with his trainer, Anziano Cunningham. They are serving in Torino 2. 

Anziano Dixon with his trainer, Anziano Beveridge. They are serving in Pisa. 

 Anziano Fisher with his trainer, Anziano Palombo. They are serving in Imperia.

Anziano Harris with his trainer, Anziano Wheeler. They are serving in Livorno. 

Sorella Jorgenson with her trainer, Sorella Hernandez. They are serving in Bergamo 2. 

 Anziano Kewene-Hite with his trainer, Anziano Reyes. They are serving in Cuneo.

 Sorella Kopischke with her trainer, Sorella Rabirù. They are serving in Genova 2.

 Anziano Larsen with his trainer, Anziano Wilkinson. They are serving in Ancona.

 Anziano Mathew Wilson with his trainer, Anziano Harris. They are serving in Treviso.

 Anziano Mcewen with his trainer, Anziano Brockbank. They are serving in Pistoia.

 Anziano Montalto with his trainer, Anziano Marataro. They are serving in Lugano.

 Sorella Nielsen with her trainer, Sorella Anderson. They are serving in Muggiò.

 Anziano Porter Johnson with his trainer, Anziano Dohms. They are serving in Vicenza.

 Anziano Peterson with his trainer, Anziano Young. They are serving in Como 2.

 Anziano Rappleye with his trainer, Anziano Allred. They are serving in La Spezia.

 Sorella Richards with her trainer, Sorella Smedley. They are serving in Savona.

 Sorella Roseno with her trainer, Sorella Stevens. They are serving in Modena.

Sorella Ruby with her trainer, Sorella McCormick. They are serving in Piacenza. 

 Anziano Sanchez with his trainer, Anziano Robinson. They are serving in Milano Navigli.

 Sorella Seymour with her trainer, Sorella Bindrup. They are serving in Bergamo 3.

 Anziano Simcox with his trainer, Anziano Kim. They are serving in Padova.

 Anziano Simkins with his trainer, Anziano Younce. They are serving in Verona 2.

Sorella Strachan with her trainer, Sorella Arndt. They are serving in Genova 1. 

 Anziano Tyler Wilson with his trainer, Anziano Esmay. They are serving in Torino 1.

 Anziano Tingey with his trainer, Anziano George. They are serving in Trento.

 Anziano Tumblin with his trainer, Anziano Ramsey. They are serving in Novara.

 Anziano Young with his trainer, Anziano Jensen. They are serving in Bologna.

How the "day" began.
Always exciting.  Always a blessing to have new missionaries.

Once we have them all gathered we wish them away to "find".

What great missionaries.  We are grateful for every single one of them!  There was a time in their lives when they felt the desire to serve a mission and they acted on that desire - thus qualifying them
for the work.  We are looking forward to serving with them and helping each reach his full potential.
Thank you for supporting them in this life-changing venture as a Missionary in the Milan Mission!