26 June, 2019

New Missionaries - Training

What a lovely group!

I say that every time
but it us true every time.
I don't know why they send 
the best of the best here.... but they do.
To all you moms and dads
You have done a great job raising your missionary.
You will receive blessings for
"giving them to the Lord"
as you have done.

Certainly ... OUR lives have been blessed!
Thank you.

Front - Sorella Cardosa, Cooper, Zesiger, Gardine, Morris, Stirling, Paniagua, Jensen
Second - Pres. Allen, Sorella Alen, Blomquist, Panah, Sharp, Nelson, Roderer, Douadi, 
Wright, Cheney

 We are unfortunately missing Sorella Ceraso and her companion
Sorella Devonas.  There was an incident regarding another 
train and they were not able to reach Milan in time for the training.
We "skyped" them in for a few minutes to say hello.

We are going to miss these great missionaries.
Aren't they great!?

What a blessing they are to all!

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