15 August, 2019

We're moving!

We would like to announce that we're starting a new Facebook page. We're going to post all our experiences there, so this blog won't be updated anymore. If you want to follow the Italy Milan Mission, visit this link!


11 August, 2019

Firenze Zone Conference - July 30th 2019

Firenze Zone Conference
July 30th 2019

Zone Leaders - Anz O'Riordan & Anz Wickizer Their training was great on serving based on Love, Ministering and Come Follow Me

Small groups of 4 for Consiglio on their topics

Pres. Yanni, Sorelle Smith, Torgesen, Inti

Anz Humble, Edgerton, DeBeikes, & Larsen
Anz Cako, Kwasi, Rossi, Nelson, & van der Put

Sorelle Jensen, Carlson, Winger, & Pace  

Anzin Rossi, Kwasi & Sorella Smith STL

Sorella Torgesen STL, Anz Nelson, van der Put,\Larsen, DeBeikes 

Fun Team Building Activities -
The training was on working well as Companions

Special Musical Number by Anz. Nelson & Sor. Carlson - Sor. Jensen accompanist

Two great assistants!  Anz. Nordgran & Anz. Cako

Anz. Kwasi, Rossi, Humble, Edgerton, Wickizer, DeBeikes, O'Riorden, van der Put, Larsen, Nelson
Sor. Smith, Torgesen, Inti, Pres. Browning, Sor. Browning, Sor. Jensen, Wingert, Carlson, Pace

22 July, 2019

Visit from Anz Massimo De Feo of the Europe Area Presidency
Wednesday 17 july 2019

His visit was sweet, his training was great.
We appreciate him so much!

The Assistants with Anz De Feo
Anz Çako & Anz Nordgran

Presidente Browning, the Assistants, Anz De Feo

Anz De Feo, Sor Browning, Pres Browning

Front: Anz Roper, Sor Roper, Anz De Feo, Sor Browning, Pres Browning
Back: Anz Ríos, Anz Çako, Anz Escalante, Anz Nordgran

Consiglio in the Cimiano Chapel
15 july 2019




Met with all the leaders of the mission. It was wonderful! They are all amazing!

Taco Salads!
The Russo's do such an amazing job on our Consilio lunch. 
We appreciate them so much!
Presidente e Sorella Browning go down to Rome for training with Anz Dini Ciacci
We meet with the leadership of the 10 stakes in all of Italy
13-14 july 2019

Presidente and Sorella Smith & Presidente and Sorella Browning 
at the Italy Rome Mission Home

Rome Temple Presidente and Matron
The Pacini's