26 August, 2011

The New New Missionaries and the Dearly Departed

Now we have those who have joined our squad and those who have left it (though will remain forever and ever in our hearts) just this last transfer.


Through the doors and into the long awaiting arms of Anziano Duersch with a smattering of confused Italian onlookers. «Ma che cosa fanno questi uomini strani con i valiggi?»





Anziano Scalese heading to Saldi (or to a bear hug from the Assistants as seen above) on his first day in Italy.










Sorella Lloyd, Sorella Smith, Anziano Scalese, Anziano Eckholdt, Anziano Angel, Anziano Hill, Anziano Hymas,  Anziano Mitchell, Anziano Strong, Anziano Pitt, and Anziano Thomas


Anziano Newton, Anziano Gray, Anziano Roberts, and Anziano Mosley all have two things in common:

they were all companions with Anziano Maughan

and they finished their missions together. 




Sorella Chambers, Sorella Shuel, and Sorella Burgoyne all have one thing in common:


Many people asked if they really were sisters.

You bet they are!






Anziano Newton, Anziano West, and Anziano Gray stuck in the Twilight Zone.  And perfectly content to be there.





Anziano Gray, Anziano Roberts, Anziano Newton, Anziano Mosley, Anziano West, Sorella Johnson, Sorella Langham, Sorella Shuel, Sorella Chambers, Sorella Snodgrass, and Sorella Tressler