08 October, 2013

September Incoming and Outgoing

There has been a whirlwind of activity during the month of September in the Missione Italiano di Milano.  The reception of many new missionaries was the highlight.  Below are pictured some of the missionaries as they came out of the door of the airport terminal.  Twenty-seven Anziani and two Sorelle entered the mission during the month of September.


Following one of the assistants
Anziani already at work finding at the airport

First sights of Italy in front of the bus on September 4, 2013

Tired, but glad to have arrived
From the front of the bus

From the side of the bus

At the back of the bus
From the airport, we traveled to Cimiano (one of three Milan ward buildings) and divided into four groups.  Two of the groups went immediately to the Milan Duomo to learn how to ride the subway, see the Duomo, get money out of the ATM and do some finding work.  The other two groups were trained on finding techniques and life in the mission.  Then the groups switched places.   President Dibb interviewed each of the new missionaries separately during this time, as well.

The Sorelle on the subway

The group is coming up out of the subway and seeing the Duomo for the first time.

Half of the new missionaries in front of the Duomo

Finding at the Duomo
More finding at the Duomo
Trying to hold their heads up at dinner
Listening to some unique Church experiences

Dusk approaching after dinner
The day after the missionaries arrived, they were taken back to the Cimiano church building where they met their trainers and were off to their beginning areas of service.

Training the trainers

New missionaries filing into the room

Training trainees and trainers together

View photo.JPG in slide show                                View photo.JPG in slide show

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View photo.JPG in slide show

In receiving their trainers, the trainer is called up and the trainee is announced (bottom above), they hug each other (middle photos above), they walk back to their seats together (top right), sit and give the thumbs up (top left).

Lunch after meeting the trainers

More getting-to-know-you time at lunch

The new missionaries are ready to "take off."  Are they an impressive group or what?

The new missionaries with their trainers about to embark upon a most life-changing experience

The mission also said good-bye to four outstanding missionaries.  We wish them the best in their future endeavors!

What a privilege it is to serve a mission here in Italy with your capable, spiritual, humble, helpful and patient family members and friends.  We pray that each missionary knows of our love for them and that we are all children of our Heavenly Father who loves us.  Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth.  As we seek the guidance of our Father in Heaven, and spend our full-time and focus in His service to bring about His work in the Italy Milan Mission, we know (and we hope that your missionaries know) that He wants us to succeed and He will continue to help us in our work and in our lives.  We strive to serve together to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to do our part to assist the Holy Spirit in teaching the Doctrine of Christ and to make available Heavenly Father's eternal ordinances to all of His children and especially to those of His children in our great mission of Milan, Italy.

With admiration and appreciation for you and your missionaries, 

Presidente and Sorella Dibb