20 June, 2012

Hello. Goodbye.


We are so happy to welcome 10 new missionaries to our mission.


This great group is now preaching the gospel all across northern Italy from Torino, to Verona, to Florence. We are forever grateful for their decision to serve the Lord. Such a decision requires sacrifice, faith and courage. They will be blessed for this. The world needs missionaries to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. What they have left behind, however, cannot out do what lies ahead of them. The Lord has called them to succeed and succeed they will.

This group can tell you about it.


This group of departing missionaries has exemplified service and dedication to the Lord. From the beginning to the end they worked hard and gave it their all. They have led the mission to new heights and left us with a greater vision of the work. As President Wolfgramm says, even though it’s sad to see them go in reality it’s a happy occasion. These missionaries have learned lessons that will bless their lives forever. They re-enter the world they left better prepared to live and enjoy life.

We are grateful for their service we hope for the very best for these 13 missionaries that have given so much.