27 January, 2019

The Griffiths Finish Serving Their Mission

We regretfully say good bye to another office couple.
Anziano and Sorella Griffiths.
Thank you for serving so very well.
During a time when our mission compliment
(the number of missionaries in the mission)
was reduced,
they oversaw and manned
the closing of at least 20+ apartments.
That included everything from closing utilities and contracts
to physically cleaning and clearing the location.
No small task for every one of them.
This was alongside their responsibilities managing
all the financial, legal and physical needs
of the missionaries.
The missionaries were well cared for by people who cared.

It has been a marvelous "season of service".

The office crew at the time of their leaving:
Anziane Favro, Ochs and Griffiths, Slle Griffiths and Allen, Pres Allen, Anziani Laudert and Kjar

What a great team!

Thank you from us all!

Ci Vediamo!!