11 January, 2019

Zone Conferences - 2019 - A New Year!

What will this new year bring?
That depends on many things...

Our faith - our works - our obedience

The People
Their hearts - their humility - their repentance

The Lord
His response to our faith - pleas - efforts

This year we pledge 
more faith - more works - more obedience
We pray for the Lord to soften the hearts of the people here.
We ask for His help.

We would like to introduce our new mission scripture 
D&C 75
Our Lord has spoken to us. 

Goals for first half of 2019:
1- finish Milano 321
2- Increase net activity by 150 members in first 6 months
(through baptisms and reactivation combined)

YES - WE - CAN!!

We enjoyed wonderful time with your missionary during Zone Conferences.
It was a busy time.  I could/should have taken 100 more pictures.  
Sorry for those that should have been taken but were not.  

Thank you for your loving support.

A sample agenda of each zone conference:

Pres Allen
New transfer focus:
1- recored in your journal everyday a spiritual experience or a miracle
2- write a letter to someone who comes to mind who could benefit from your letter
3- reaffirm your gift to the Savor and resolve to give it.

Alma 5:12, 14 Have you had a change of heart?
Can we feel so now?  Today is the day that matters most.

 The Music of the Gospel
April 2015 by Elder Wilford W. Anderson
Learn the dance, but especially... listen to the music.
The Spirit is the music.

Sorella Allen
The scriptures are very nutritious spiritually, just like oranges are nutritious physically.
Extracting the nutrition takes hard work.
After we get all that we can out of them 
we must internalize the principles to get the benefit of the nutrients...
 just like drinking orange juice.
Then share.

President Allen with Anziani...
Adhere to the law of chastity
What is the dress code?  Be obedient.
Be leaders in obedience.

Sorella Allen with Sorelle...
Slacks are now OK.
Guidelines given - visual sample modeled.
Act in them like you would in a dress.
Sempre una donna.  ALWAYS a woman!

Pictures by Zones

~Bologna Zone~
Sorelle - Stepherson, Roderer, Flores, Carlson, (Slla Allen) Hollander, Trevor, 
Nelson (STL), Graver (STL)
Anziani - Wilks (ZL) Abplanalp (ZL) Rossi, Tagg, Humble, Hatt, Mosteller, Hibbard, Schow, (Pres Allen) Calton, Eusebi, Elwood, Thomas,

~Firenze Zone~
 Sorelle - Mitchell, Wright, (Slla Allen) Simpson (STL) Pearson (STL)
Anziani - Eden, Darrington, Fry, Brase, Hackanson, (Pres. Allen) Moss (ZL) Cako (ZL) 
Heidemann, Wright, Ewell

~Venezia Zone~
Anziani - Thorstrom, Melchin, Higham, Ariante, Larsen, Russbuelt(ZL) McKinstry, (Pres Allen) Van Natta (ZL) Harris, Parke, Weight, Landon, Gomez, Keefer
 Sorelle - Thorstrom, Larson, Parker, Spencer, Drent, (Slla Allen) Ringo, Ala-Jaaski, 
Boome, Stanton, Keefer

~Verona Zone~
 Sorelle - Nelson, Peterson, Maddison, Button (STL) (Slla Allen) Williams, Wengert, 
Santoro, Dent, Neilsen
Anziani - Shill, Bass, Haws, Favro, (Pres Allen) Buckner, Rios, Cedeno, Downs, Neilsen

~Milano Est Zone~
 Sorelle - DeAngelis, Pacheco, Panah, Ashcraft, Torgeson, Mason, (Slla Allen) Henderson, Merl, Dominquez, Morris, Southard
Anziani - Miller, Escalante, Bowden, Reynolds, Ruiz, Ruger (ZL) (Pres Allen) Bona (ZL) Judkins, Ross, Casper, Ochs, Gillett

~Milano Ovest~
Sorelle - Delle Foglie, Cheney, Dean, Messina, Pereyra, Bodily, (Slla Allen) Frandsen(STL) 
Walker (STL) Tafur, Devonal, Gale, Russo
Anziani - Halterman (AP) Griffiths, Kjar (AP) Nordgren (ZL) Cahoon, Tenney (ZL) Llerena, (Pres Allen) Wickizer, O'Riorden, Harrison, Albright, Gale, Russo

~Genova Zone~
 Sorelle - Snow, Reeder, Anderson, Miller, (Slla Allen) Smith, Ewing, Sharp, Haisman, Michelini
Anziani - Cole, Davey, Work, Bailey, Welch, Lombardi, Christensen (ZL) McCuen, Davidson, Elliott, Argon, Burkert, Christensen, Castillejos, Michelini

Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your wonderful sons and daughters.
Thank you.