11 July, 2014

June Zone Conferences

From June 12th to the 17th, Zone Conferences were held in five locations.  Emphasis was put upon the "My Family" booklet and upon breaking old habits which may not be applicable to being an effective missionary (box breaking).  Anziano and Sorella Lee and the Assistants to the President were the major forces in making the Zone Conferences such a marvelous success.  The missionaries in the Italy Milan Mission work hard to be teachable, prepared and hard-working in serving missions for the Lord.  Their obedience results in great faith and miracles happen!

Preparations for the first conference in Alessandria

Sorella Lee teaching regarding genealogical work

Role play teaching with the "My Family" Booklet

More teaching

And more practice teaching

The Torino Zone - June 2014

The Alessandria Zone - June 2014

Some lunch with the Assistants in Bologna

Modena Zone Sorelle

Lunch activities in Bologna

One of our new couples in Bologna

Role play in Bologna

Evaluating role-play regarding booklet

Bologna Zone - 2014

Modena Zone - June 2014

Creative pizza eater

Role-play in Firenze

More role-play in Firenze

Sharing regarding teaching "My Family"

Rimini Zone - June 2014

Firenze Zone - June 2014

Anziani in Firenze

Some Sorelle in Firenze

Milan Ovest Zone - June 2014

Milan Est Zone - June 2014

Verona role-play

Sorelle role-play 

Literal box breaking in Verona

Anziano Lee teaching in Verona

Bergamo Zone - June 2014

Verona Zone - June 2014

Venezia Zone - June 2014

Summer is a great time for finding, teaching and baptizing in Italy.  We are extremely blessed to be serving missions at this time and in this place.  The dedication, sanctification and preparation of our lives to Him will bless us and all those who are searching for eternal happiness.  May our service bring families together forever through our constant humility and willingness to change and to become the missionaries our Heavenly Father wants and needs us to be.  We thank our families and others who are such a great support to us in our efforts.