11 July, 2019

Bright and early at the airport!

16 Great Departing Missionaries - We had dinner and a wonderful testimony meeting. Wish we could have kept them a little while longer. Best wishes to all of them as they go forth in life.

Pres and Sor Browning
Sor Roderer, Spencer, Pearson
Sor Delle Foglie, Nelson, Haisman
Anz Gomez, Welch, Thomas
Anz Bona, Lombardi, Ross, Kjar
Anz Wilks, Haws, Eusebi


Match-Up! The new missionaries meet their trainers and go off to their proselyting areas.

Sor Snow and Sor Castelli

Sor Winger and Sor Pace

Sor Wengert and Sor Lawrence

Sor Norton and Sor Wilson
Cimiano (Milano)

Anz Humble and Anz Edgerton

Anz Higham and Anz Ruff

Anz Pluchino and Anz Pini

Anz Radandt and Anz Call


Welcome Dinner-  After dinner we had a testimony meeting and each bore their testimony in Italian. It was very impressive! They are off to a great start!

Front: Pres and Sor Browning
Middle: Sor Lawrence, Pace, Wilson, Castelli
Back: Anz Edgerton, Call, Pini, Ruff
Duomo and Galleria!


Off to the Metro! Primo Giorno - New country and culture, finding on the metro!

Wednesday 9 July 2019 - This was a very exciting day to welcome 8 new missionaries. We met these missionaries in the MTC. It felt a little like Christmas morning in awaiting their arrival! They are a great group. It was a long trip and they were tired however, after spending the day with them we think they are naturally on the quiet side. Time will tell!

Front: Sor Pace, Wilson, Browing, Castelli, Lawrence
Back: Anz Ruff, Edgerton, Pres Browning, Pini, Call