18 April, 2019

The Transfer Home - April 2019

It is good that the new missionaries arrive and are matched
before we receive the outgoing missionaries
into our home.
After our dinner together we shared testimony love and advice.
I wish you could have heard them all.
Your son or daughter has grown up...
especially in the gospel.
Each one of them will be missed greatly.
We look forward to seeing them again
and following the direction and news of their lives.
We will forever care and
have high expectations for each.
This is a great group!

 (front to back) Sorelle - Reeder, Petersen, (Slla & Pres. Allen) Button, Parker, Walker, Dean, Williams, Henderson, Frandsen, Anziani - Davidson, Wright, Gillett

The "family mission table" is cranked back to it's normal size
and turned to it's normal place.
Darn normal.
We sure love these missionaries!
Ci vediamo!

New Missionaries! April 2019

Oh the excitement of New Missionaries!
Planning and preparations take place well in advance
of their scheduled arrival...
Sometimes plan "B"
or plan "C"
must be put into action in place of the perfect
plan "A".
What IS always perfect
is being able to receive the fresh new faces
and energy that comes with our arriving missionaries.
It is exciting! Always!
...and they ready to Serve the Lord...

The airport pictures were taken by one of our missionaries.
I was home with dinner preparation 
as they were coming tired and hungry.
such a long journey for them but
the time to serve has arrived.
With the new option of calling home each week
please remember to help them 
keep focus 
and support them in every way possible
to become the missionary they are striving to be.

Thank you for all you have done thus far.
Thank you for sending them!

Transfer predictions via gelato and biscotti?
So the Assistants say...

But now let me tell you where they are REALLY going
and introduce you to their great companion.
 Welcome Sorella Mancebo
Trainer - Sorella Snow
Serving in Alessandria

 Welcome Sorella Caroca
Trainer - Sorella Torgeson
Serving in Pavia

 Welcome Aniano Lex
Trainer - Anziano Bona
Serving in Bressanone

 Welcome Sorella Elmer
Trainer - Sorella Messina
Serving in Brescia

Welcome Anziano Brady
Trainer - Anziano  Moss
Serving in Forli

 Welcome Sorella Crosbie
Trainer - Sorella Dent
Serving in Vicenza

 Welcome Sorella Sanders
Trainer - Sorella Pearson
Serving in Trieste

 Welcome Sorella Winger
Trainer - Sorella Southard
Serving in Firenze

 Welcome Anziano Sheets
Trainer - Anziano Mosteller
Serving in Prato

 Welcome Anziano Prince
Trainer - Anziano Bowden
Serving in Ancona

Welcome Anziano DeBeikes
Trainer - Anziano Parke
Serving in La Spezia

At last!  Their arrival...

The next day.... training and The Match!
(and lunch)

What a great day for a great day!
We love our new missionaries and have 
confidence in their trainers.
Our mission is certainly blessed.

(We are sorry it was not possible to accomplish the metro finding
or view Duomo di Milano.  Most importantly... they are here.)