14 January, 2018

New Assistant

All missionaries have the opportunity
to work from dawn to dusk.
Missionary days are full of labors that are worthwhile
and, hopefully, fruitful.

In the first half of our service in the Milan Mission
we have enjoyed working with eight missionaries 
in this assignment.  They serve for six months
and the time whizzes by so very quickly.
Each AP brings great talents, love for the work, and testimonies.
Their individual talents are able to shine
and we enjoy their unique personalities.

They truly have "come to serve Him".
 President Allen with Anziani Brown, Keller and Dalton

 Thank you Anziano Keller.  
You served so very well.

 The transfer board is a fitting backdrop. Much time and prayer
is spent giving "due diligence" to the work of inspiration. 
This is important "assistance".

And then there were two...
Anziani Dalton and Brown.
The work is carried ably forward.
Avanti! Sempre avanti!

Arriviamo Tutti!

We welcome a new group of
wonderful Milano Missionaries!
Seven Sorelle and two Anziani.
They are grateful to be here and we are grateful
they have come.
This is a time of sacrifice....
definition - to make sacred.
Their mission experience will bless them,
and those they are able to bring unto
the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anziani Garner, Ruiz - Sorelle Tafur, Meryl, Anderson, Simpson, Dominguez, Miller, DeAngelis

On to "metro finding" as we head to Duomo.

Dinner at the Mission Home.

The next day... the match.
Welcome - Sorella DeAngelis
Trainer - Sorella Santoro
Serving in Treviso

 Welcome - Anziano Garner
Trainer - Anziano Ross
Serving in Vercelli

Welcome - Sorella Anderson
Trainer - Sorella Dawson
Serving in Piacenza

 Welcome - Anziano Rios
Trainer - Anziano Gleave
Serving in Lampugnano

 Welcome - Sorella Merl
Trainer - Sorella Kopischke
Serving in Lugano

Welcome - Sorella Miller
Trainer - Sorella Henson
Serving in Rimini

Welcome - Sorella Dominquez
Trainer - Sorella Vaderkooi
Serving in Montevarchi

Welcome - Sorella Tafur
Trainer - Sorella Hoareau
Serving in Vicenza

Welcome - Sorella Simpson
Trainer - Sorella Bowthorpe
Serving in Brescia

Lunch... then on their way...

Ci vediamo!
God be with you.
We will see you soon!