02 April, 2019

March-April Zone Conferences

Oh, how we love this gospel!
We are grateful to be members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
This is a church where every member is important.
Where every member has the opportunity to 
learn and grow,
and where every member can edify
and be edified!

We do not have paid ministers.
WE are not paid ministers.
We receive directives and protocol
through revelation and follow
our own personal testimony of truths as they
line up with the scriptures and modern-day revelation
from our Prophet and prophets.

It is wonderful to enjoy the teachings and trainings of our great missionaries.
They are able and mature in their gospel understandings
and lead well.  
Here is a sample ZC schedule and pictures.

~Bologna Zone~
March 26, 2019
 Sorelle - Simpson (STL) Henderson (STL) Stephenson, Newman, Auger, Williams, Allen, Wright, Sharp, Morris, Roderer, Roper
Anziani - Hepner, Harris, Tenney (ZL) Davey, Hibbard, Bawden, Humble, Pres. Allen, Kwasi, Hulbert, Fry, Escalante, Moss, Brown, Abplanalp (ZL) Roper

~Firenze Zone~
March 27
Sorelle - Miller, Maddison, Drent, Ashcroft, Allen, Reeder, Southard, Simpson (STL)
Henderson (STL)
Anziani - Heidemann, Cahoon, O'Riordan (ZL) Hatt,  Mosteller, Cedeno, Pres. Allen, Cako (ZL) Parke, Judkins, Eden, Brase, Brady

~Venezia Zone~
March 28
Sorelle - Thorstrom, Keefer, Fisher, Stanton, Walker, Pearson, Allen, Ala-Jaaski, Dent, Anderson, Spencer, Parker (STL) Bodily (STL)
Anziani - Thorstrom, Keefer, Tagg, Darrington, Larsen, Gomez, Pres. Allen, Duffy, Buckner, Wright (ZL) Ross (ZL) Harrison, Hopkins

~Verona Zone~
March 29
Sorelle - Devonas (STL) Messina, Petersen, Allen, Button, Flores, Wengert
Anziani - Ochs, Downs, Paskett, Bona, Ariante (ZL) Taylor, Pres. Allen, Favro (ZL) van der Put, Shill, Nelson, Thomas, Bailey

~Milano Est Zone~
April 2
Sorelle - DeAngelis, Zhonga, Hollander, Panah, Mason, Torgeson, Allen, Dominguez, Fish, Anderson, Blomquist, Frandsen (STL) Delle Foglie (STL)
Anziani - Casper, Radandt, Reynolds, Rossi, Higham, Wilks (ZL) Pres. Allen, Gillett, Elwood, Escalante, Work, Lombardi, Ruger (ZL)

~Milano Ovest Zone~
April 3
 Sorelle - Russo, Dean, Carlson, Schmidt, Merl, Allen, Delle Foglie (STL) Frandsen (STL) Tafur, Douadi, Trevor, Cheney
Anziani - Russo, Robertson, Llerena, Haws (ZL) Scow, Nordgran, Pres. Allen, Russbeult (AP) Ewell,  Halterman (AP) Robison, Albright

~Genova Zone~
April 4

Synopsis of Trainings

This Zone Conference comes to an end.
What great missionaries
we serve with!