27 May, 2017

Zone Conferences - May 2017

Every six weeks we spend time in training with each other.  
It is a wonderful opportunity of 
 doctrinal instruction, training, counsel and reunion.  
We need this time of connection.
Sometimes - most of the time - this work is 
just plain hard.  
We are here because we have covenanted with God
to do our part in furthering His kingdom on earth.
 nella Missione Italiana di Milano.

 The Genova Zone

 The Torino Zone

 The Verona Zone

 The Milano Est Zone

The Milano Ovest Zone

 The Bologna Zone

 The Venezia Zone

The Toscana Zone

The Rimini Zone

What happened in this Zone Conference?
Wonderful special musical numbers that set the tone and touch our hearts.
We also have an inspirational thought - both morning and after lunch.

*President Allen talked about the difference between being anxious
and anxiety.  One helps us move the work forward.  
The other impedes our efforts. 

*The Assistants talked about what makes us happy on a mission.
We can be happy even when we are having hard days/experiences.
"Grateful in Any Circumstance" - Elder Uchtdorf (April 2014)

Breakout sessions - Sorelle with President Allen, Anziani with Sorella Allen
*Slle Allen - My role is to love and encourage the missionaries.
Anziani, have the courage to make the changes you need to be
the very best missionary, then student, husband and father you can be.
"Rise Up, O Men of God" Hymn # 324
Allow your mission to bless you the rest of your lives.
Pres. Allen - They are equal to the Anziani in teaching ability and effectiveness.
Taught the importance of womanhood and motherhood.
Encouraged to set goals - spiritual, education, physical health.
*Zone leader training - How to conduct an effective English class.
Make it organized, informational and fun.
*Sister Trainer Leaders - How to conduct the spiritual thought
at the end of the English class.

Our goal is to increase the number of investigators that come from
our English classes.

*Final words from President Allen.
*Testimonies of "Twinkling Missionaries"
*Mission hymn.