15 March, 2019

Special Guest - Apostle Gary E. Stephenson

We were excited to have 
Apostle Gary E. Stevenson
and his wife 
in Torino for the Rome temple dedication.

What an honor!

This is the first time in many, many years
that a General Authority for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
has attended church in the Genova Stake.  
It was wonderful to be with them.

The Saturday prior was spent in the Torre Pellice, Piedmont area where
his Valdesean ancestors lived hundreds of years ago.
Roots grow deep.
The faith of these persecuted religious refugees
is an inspiration to all.
We were able to view the 
"Rock of Prophecy"
where Lorenzo Snow first dedicated Italy for missionary work.

Below is Elder Stevenson and his sister.
The "Rock" is the knoll above their heads.


Our great
Mission Leadership Council

Some of the best this mission has to offer.
I say "some"
because there are even more great missionaries than this picture can hold.
We marvel at their faith, strength, efforts and example.
They are "marvel-ous"!  

 STL's - Nelson, Simpson, Henderson, Bodily, Parker, Slla Allen, Snow, Delle Foglie, Devonas, Frandsen, Button
Halterman (AP) Wilks, Ruger, Haws, Russbuelt (AP) O'Riordan, Cako, Ariante, Pres. Allen, Favro, McKinstry, Welch, Wright, Ross, Nordgran, Tenney, Abplanalp

The agenda:

We are unified in our service here.
We are a mission family
and we honor, respect and support each other.
La bella vita!!