31 December, 2012

In With the New, Out with the Old

A great new bunch of missionaries came in this transfer!
From left to right they are: Anziano Garner, Anziano Bartholio, Anziano Cook, Anziano Murphy, Anziano Reeve, Anziano Miller, Anziano Walden, Anziano Allen.

But we had to say goodbye to a big group of our favorite missionaries...

In the back from left to right: Anziano MinĂ , Anziano Portellano, Anziano Webb, Anziano Smith, Anziano Wilkey
In the Middle: Anziano Scheurn, Anziano Bushman, Anziano Warren, Anziano Ellsworth, Anziano Russo, Anziano Boscia.
And our Sisters: Sorella Sloan, Sorella Lloyd.

They will be missed... But we wish them the best of luck in the next phase of their lives!