12 August, 2017

Ci Vediamo Anziano e' Sorella Hoopes

Avanti'! Sempre Avanti"!

Our Senior Couples are invaluable beyond measure!
Every single one provides incredible support
for members in the areas where they reside,
the missionaries who circulate through each area
and the mission as a whole as they become needed
and necessary "extra hands" for this great cause
of moving the Work of the Lord forward.

We are ever grateful when these couples come
ever sad when they leave
as they have become an integral part of our mission family.
Their work is great.  Their consecration is even greater.
Thank you!

 Anziano and Sorella Hoopes with President and Sorella Allen

A final "family photo".
Ci vediamo e' grazie mille con amore!

Avanti'! Sempre Avanti'!