24 June, 2017


We have each been given talents to bless the lives of others.
They are not always as visible as the artistic ability
of Anziano Simkins,
but they are every bit as valuable and glorious.
This ink drawing was a made for 
Presidente e' Sorella Allen.

This is Jesus Christ.
Of whom we testify.

Ci Vediamo Anz Johnson

Sometimes our plans are disrupted
by the necessity to "take care of health business".
Anziano Johnson is temporarily
home for surgery.  
Half his luggage was left behind.
It's a good sign we will see him again.
Speedy recovery, Anziano!!

Outgoing Missionaries - June 2017

We see new missionaries come to our mission the 
day before we say "good bye" to the 
outgoing group.  There is a big
difference in the two.  
I want to assure all who read this blog -
(mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles - 
anyone who knows these outgoing missionaries)
that your sons and daughters have
fought the good fight.
You sent your "kids" on missions ...
brave sons and daughters of God 
are returning in their place.

You are welcome at our table anytime.
God be with you until we meet again.