04 November, 2018

Consiglio in October.

Autumn is typically a bit muted in Italy.
However -
at the Lampugnano building in Milano 
we found glorious color!
Enjoy a few pictures....

Now - for our great mission leadership.
 Anziani - Russbuelt, Rios, Kjar (AP) Laudert (AP) Rogers, Moss, Wilson, Christensen, President     Allen, Moody, Nordgren, Van Natta, Heidemann, Halterman, Wilks, Bona, Tenney
Sorelle - Boome, Dominguez, Reeder, Epps, Merl, Walker, Frandsen, Sorella Allen, Johnson, McConkie, Stolk, Nelson, Pearson, Simpson, Walker

This is a "go and do" group.
We can talk and talk,
but we came here to do.

We are a mission of faith a mission of miracles
We are a mission of obedience and hard work.

(The names of the Sorelle were accidentally deleted earlier.
I have no clue why, but the names are back again.
Sorry!  Completely unintentional.  I had put them on the first time.)