Packages Policy

For parents and friends looking to send mail to missionaries serving in Milan, please send all items to:

Via Antonio Gramsci 13/2
20090 Opera (MI)

This is the address of the mission office. Your missionary's mail will be delivered to us, and we will deliver it to him/her as soon as we can (usually within a couple of weeks). We do this because if a package is to be delivered to a missionary apartment, but the missionaries are not there at the time of delivery, the package will be taken to a facility and will require a good amount of paperwork to collect. 

Note:  It is NOT encouraged to send packages from overseas as the customs charges incurred can be very costly. Packages sent to the mission home with customs fees will be charged to the respective missionaries. To give you an idea, we routinely have charges from €20-€60. We encourage the money be placed onto the missionary's personal card. This way he or she can provide for his or her own needs directly, without the shipping or customs hassles. If you do send something overseas, make sure to clearly fill out the customs form, and keep in mind that the cost of homemade items is based on the cost of materials.

However, the European online Amazon store has a program that can be utilized.  It includes fast, free shipping from inside Europe, thus customs fees are not applicable.
To start, go to:

1. Ensure you have arrived at the “” store.
2. Select “Grocery” from the drop down menu.

3. Search your desired item.

4. Select “FREE Super Saver Delivery” as the delivery option.

5. Ensure the item you want is eligible for free delivery.  Some are not.

6. When viewing your “Shopping Basket”, ensure that the whole order qualifies for free shipping.
7. Ensure that the “Subtotal” amounts to £25.00 or more.  If not, it will not be eligible for free shipping.

8. Ensure that “FREE Super Saver Delivery” is selected as the delivery method.
9. Be careful of the fact that this site operates in the currency of the British Pound.  For USD you need to multiply the total by approximately 1.53 (as of 17/2/15).  Thus £25.00 = $38.25USD. (Check the current exchange rate for the most accurate conversion:

10. Submit your order!

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