29 May, 2019

New Missionaries Arrive!

We would like to introduce to you
our newest missionaries
and their wonderful companions!
We want you to know they are well and happy
and we are grateful to have them here.
Thank you for your love and support.

 Welcome Sorella Gardine
Trainer - Sorella Nelson
Serving in Genova

 Welcome Sorella Morris
Trainer - Sorella Roderer
Serving in Torino

 Welcome Sorella Porter
Trainer - Sorella Snow
Serving in Alessandria

 Welcome Sorella Stirling
Trainer - Sorella Douadi
Serving in Lugano

 Welcome Sorella Zesiger
Trainer - Sorella Sharp
Serving in Como

 Welcome Sorella Cardosa
Trainer - Sorella Blomqist
Serving in Lodi

 Welcome Sorella Cooper
Trainer - Sorella Panah
Serving in Piacenza

 Welcome Sorella Ceraso
Trainer - Sorella Devonas
Serving in Verona

 Welcome Sorella Paniagua-Smith
Trainer - Sorella Wright
Serving in Rimini

 Welcome Sorella Jensen
Trainer - Sorella Cheney
Serving in Ravenna

Welcome Anziano Beardall
Trainer - Anziano Bass
Serving in Busto Arsizio

Three missionaries came on a later flight and unfortunately
missed our metro time on the way to Duomo di Milano.
We are always so relieved to have them together
safe and sound.
They will love serving here!

Here's a recap of their arrival...

Welcome committee
Anziano Rios (Clerk) President Allen, Anziano Halterman, (Outgoing AP) Anziano Haws (new AP) Anziano Nordgren (New AP) Anziano Russbuelt (Outgoing AP) Anziano Escalante (Secretary)

 ....all together!

Now we have all the pictures ... almost...
but this is a good representation of their first 24 hours.
There were moments of nodding off,
perhaps even briefly falling asleep.
As President Allen has called each to check on them
his report is good.
What a wonderful group of missionaries!
We are blessed.