08 May, 2014

Church Historian Tour - Northern Italy

We are exhilarated from a recently completed tour of parts of our mission by Elder and Sister Snow, Elder and Sister Kearon and Reid Nielsen, managing director of the Church History Department.  They conducted missionary and member meetings in both Firenze and Verona.

Elder Snow teaching in Firenze - May 6, 2014

On the stand (L to R) Pres. Dibb, Elder Kearon, Sister Kearon, Sister Snow, Brother Nielsen, Elder Snow (front)

About forty missionaries attended from the Firenze Zone

A couple of our darling Sorelle

A few of our energetic Elders

Ready for lunch

The Kearons with some of the Sorelle

Some of the Elders ready to eat

The Elders enjoying Elder and Sister Snow's company

Elder and Sister Kearon enjoying the delicious meal prepared by Sister Tonon and Firenze District helpers

Elder Colemere (right) and the three Elders he trained

Then it was on to Verona where these 110 missionaries were awaiting the arrival of the general authorities

Our polished pianist for the day

One of several senior couples at the Verona meeting

Elder and Sister Snow and Brother Nielsen posed for a photo with President and Sister Dibb - May 7, 2014

We give special thanks to Elder and Sister Kearon, Elder and Sister Snow and Brother Nielsen for providing an UPLIFTING and EDIFYING experience for missionaries in the Italy Milan Mission. We strive to go forward to put into practice the lessons we have learned and to act upon the good feelings we have felt.

From Scouting experience - we just thought that this was a cute wood plaque on the scout closet door

Sister Training Leaders after Consiglio - May 2, 2014

Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders after Consiglio - May 2, 2014

Power Point slide from Assistants' Training at Consiglio (Mission Leadership Council)
On April 16, 2014, President and Sister Dibb were given the privilege of meeting His Excellency, the Prefect of Milan.  Brother Pasta, Brother Castellani and Brother Criscone (taking the photo) who are public relations people with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy invited us to go with them to this audience with a man who has an impressive record of public service in Italy.

President and Sister Dibb, His Excellency, Brother Pasta and Brother Castellani at the spacious office in Milano
 We are looking forward to a stake being formed in Northern Italy on May 10th and 11th, 2014, from combining the Rimini and Florence Districts.  We are in the midst of historic happenings here in Italy and we see blessings and miracles occurring every day - not only in the lives of others, but in the lives of us missionaries. We thank our Heavenly Father for this opportunity to spread the good news of the doctrine of Jesus Christ.