06 May, 2011

Just GEMmin' away this week

A helpful perspective
This week, my companion helped me to realize how much I’ve grown out here on the mission. He told me how much improvement I’ve made seen he first met me. He complimented me and encouraged me to keep pushing myself. He's a great friend and even a better companion.

Your companion is your friend
We were struggling with each other at the beginning and started to build up a barrier between the two of us. Throughout the week, we did little acts of service and started to break down that wall. This morning, she told me that when she looked at a picture of me and my brother, she remembered us being friends before this life and being so excited to serve together. The Spirit whispered that it was true. I'm excited to get to know a long lost friend.

A positive attitude
This past week was a little tough, because we didn't have a lot of success during our finding work (i.e. lessons taught, new investigators found, etc.). I was a little discouraged to say the least, but my companion went out of his way to help me see the successes that we had and to brighten my attitude. This helped me see the importance of being a loving companion, and I am trying to serve my companion more so I can help him as well.

Preparation is key
My companion is the greatest companion ever! I absolutely love working with him every day. This week I was really impressed with the way that my companion utilized prayer and preparation for our work. Before every scambi or study or encounter with the other missionaries, I know exactly where to find him. He'll be on his knees or reading the scriptures and writing down notes about those who we've been praying for.

Love makes the work
I love my companion.  He's smart, supportive and just a funny guy.  This week we had a district meeting about love.  Love for our investigators, members, companions, and everyone else that we see!  My companion has shown a big difference in his work this week, especially in our finding work.  He's humble and moldable!  I need to be more like that!

Utilize Preach My Gospel
My companion spoke with me a lot about the importance to be a PMG Missionary. To be honest I realized that I read PMG but I do not Study PMG. I realize that I should STOP reading it and study it.

Love the people!
My companion is just great. He is a constant example of love, hard work and never getting discouraged. One of the most important things he did for me last week, was helping me to see the importance of trying my best and loving the people with all my heart, even when it is obvious that they are not ready to accept the gospel now. He made me ponder and the Lord helped me remember some scriptures.

Practicing principles is power
I was on scambio with Anziano Ruesch and in poche parole, I was a little frustrated. Just a few things we had planned that day didn't go the way I wanted them to, and I was not very happy. So right before a teaching appointment, we decided to do a practice and it was the best practice ever. Anziano Ruesch, without knowing it, really changed me. I really needed that practice. The principle of the day was life on earth and just talking about it helped me to remember what’s really important and what we can benefit from our trials. It was super good. I tried explaining to him later how awesome it was.

My companion has been making me run with him in the mornings, and at first, I was hating it. But now I really love it, and it gives us more energy for each day. He's making me such a better missionary every day. He is such a great missionary! He's like my favorite super hero.

Don’t worry!
This last week, my companion has been helping me realize the importance of not worrying. Well, he has been teaching me that the whole time we have been together, but this week I can say that I think I finally understood. It's been really good. The work is a lot more fruitful and enjoyable when you just roll up your sleeves and get to work instead of worrying about how you should work. I'm grateful for a patient companion who helps me in my weaknesses.