11 May, 2019

Zone Conferences! A Great Experience!

We love to gather!
We love to learn!
We love to be uplifted!
We love to be inspired!
We love to bear testimony!
We love to be missionaries 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

There is something special about a spiritual bond.
When you gather with others who do what you do
-which is hard-
and strive to have the Spirit of the Holy Ghost in the process
as we stretch, learn grow (repeat...)
to share the gospel of Jesus Christ,
we become family....
HIS family.
It's the best family in the world
and it lasts for eternity.

May 7th
~Bologna Zone~
 Sorelle - Simpson (STL) Mason (STL) Wright, Slla. Allen, Sharp, Newman, Cheney
Anziani - Brady, Prince, Downs (ZL) Eusebi, Hepner, Bawden, Pres. Allen, Passet, Harris, Moss, Davey, Brown, Abplanalp (ZL)

May 8
~Firenze Zone~
Sorelle - Simpson (STL) Mason (STL) Carlson, Maddison, Slla. Allen, Drent, Haisman, 
Southard, Winger
Anziani - Conrad, Rossi, Sheets, CAhoon, Mosteller, Pres. Allen, Judkins, Cako (ZL) O-Riordan, Brady, van der Put

May 9
~Venezia Zone~
Front to back - Pres & Sorella Allen, 
Spencer, Wingert, Dent,
Bodily, Anderson, Stanton, Crosbie,
Pearson, Sanders, Fisher, Keefer,
Duffy, Harrison, Keefer,
Buckner, Larsen, Thorstrom,
Ross, Tagg, Heidemann, Hopkins, 

May 10
~Verona Zone~
Sorelle - Devonas (STL) Smith (STL) Miller, Auger, Hollander, Slla Allen, Flores, Morris, Panah, Elmer, Messina, Neilson, Anz. Neilson,
Anziani - Kjar, Pluchino, Taylor, Nordgran (ZL) Higham, Brase, Ariante (ZL) Hibbard, Bona, Pres. Allen, Lex, Albright, Eden, Shill, Bailey, Work, Hulbert, Nelson, Humble, Thomas, Ochs

May 14
~Milano Est Zone~
 Sorelle - Caroca, Blomquist, Torgeson, Zhonga, DeAngelis, Sor. Allen, Delle Foglie (STL) Stepherson (STL) Fish, Dominguez, Anderson, 
Anziani - Bona (ZL) Welch, Argon, Bass, Favro, Rios, Pres. Allen, Reynolds, Quasi, Casper, Guglielmo, Escalante, Lombardi

 May 15
~Milan Ovest~
Sorelle - Delle Foglie (STL) Stephenson (STL) Schmidt, Merl, Pereyra, Sor. Allen, Tafur, Douadi, Russo, Roper
Anziani - Russbuelt (AP) Robertson, Radant, Ross (ZL) Robinson, Eliott (ZL) Pres. Allen, Ewell, Schow, Fry, Russo, Roper, Halterman (AP)

May 16
~Genova Zone~

Sorelle - Mancebo, Snow, Ashcraft (STL) Nelson (STL) Norton, Slla. Allen, Ala-Jaaski, Gray, Roderer, Michelini
Anziani - Cole, Haggen, Elwood (ZL) McKinstry (ZL) Ruiz, Tenney, Pres Allen, Shepherd, Wickizer, Leren, Weight, Michelini

All our missionaries are amazing.
We were blessed with wonderful trainings! 

To recap -
President Allen - Opening remarks were about prayer.  Remember to pray with real intent.
The Lord does answer our prayers.
Zone Leaders - Allow the Four Safeguards of Technology to keep us safe.
STL's - Why we teach from Preach My Gospel
Sorella Allen - Don't worry about "climbing the ladder".
We stand shoulder to shoulder in the Lord's work.
Pres Allen closing remarks.
1- Make a language study plan with your companion.
2- Study PMG daily.  Especially Ch 3
3- Make a Safeguard Plan with your companion.

(Sample Agenda)


I suppose our ZC laundry is finished and it can now dry in the Italian breeze.