06 June, 2017

Goodbye to the Clarks and Ferraras

What a blessing it has been to serve with these two great couples.
They have won the hearts of all they have come in contact with
through their humble, diligent and focused service.
Because of you, the beautiful Missione di Milano is a better place.

 Anziano and Sorella Clark

Anziano and Sorella Ferrara

 Our lovely meal was peppered with comments like:
"This was the hardest thing we've ever done."
"We couldn't find our apartment."
"Our alternator went out on day 3."
"We were locked in the parking area."
"We did not realize we would love the members so much."
"I love these missionaries like they are my own children."
"We didn't realize how important the Pathway Program is."
"I have been crying for one and a half weeks."

We hope to gather again for another meal - 
in just a couple of years from now.
(We all know how fast time flies ...
and nothing proves it like a mission.)

Thank you! Thank you!
You did not come for our thanks and appreciation,
you came to serve the Lord by serving His children.
We are so very glad we were here when you did.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servants."
Ci Vediamo!