11 August, 2019

Firenze Zone Conference - July 30th 2019

Firenze Zone Conference
July 30th 2019

Zone Leaders - Anz O'Riordan & Anz Wickizer Their training was great on serving based on Love, Ministering and Come Follow Me

Small groups of 4 for Consiglio on their topics

Pres. Yanni, Sorelle Smith, Torgesen, Inti

Anz Humble, Edgerton, DeBeikes, & Larsen
Anz Cako, Kwasi, Rossi, Nelson, & van der Put

Sorelle Jensen, Carlson, Winger, & Pace  

Anzin Rossi, Kwasi & Sorella Smith STL

Sorella Torgesen STL, Anz Nelson, van der Put,\Larsen, DeBeikes 

Fun Team Building Activities -
The training was on working well as Companions

Special Musical Number by Anz. Nelson & Sor. Carlson - Sor. Jensen accompanist

Two great assistants!  Anz. Nordgran & Anz. Cako

Anz. Kwasi, Rossi, Humble, Edgerton, Wickizer, DeBeikes, O'Riorden, van der Put, Larsen, Nelson
Sor. Smith, Torgesen, Inti, Pres. Browning, Sor. Browning, Sor. Jensen, Wingert, Carlson, Pace