15 June, 2019

June - Last Zone Conferences

~Alma 38:2~
"And now, my son (and daughter)
I trust that I shall have great joy in you,
because of your steadiness and your faithfulness unto God;
for as you have commenced in your youth 
to look to the Lord your God,
even so I hope that you will continue
in keeping his commandments; 
for blessed is he that endureth to the end."

This has been quite the task these two weeks
to course through the mission
(zone by zone and conference by conference)
knowing that this will be our last time  
serving with these missionaries.
So hard... 
even harder than we thought
we know much more than their names 
and where they are serving.
We know their challenges and disappointments,
their joys and victories.
We know who they were when they came
and who they are now.
We have cheered them on with hugs, trainings,
council, and blessings of encouragement
and even occasional words of loving chastisement.
We carry their smiling (or crying) faces in our minds-eye
and hear their individual voices in our ears as we have listened.
They are always in our prayers.
They have written weekly letters
and President has answered every single one 
with a personal response.

We have traveled miles and miles
just for them.
We have fed them and fed them....
...and fed them again...
enjoyed every minute
knowing this was a rare opportunity
never to be forgotten and especially ... to be treasured forever.

As incredibly beautiful as Northern Italy is,
your sons and daughters
(OUR mission sons and daughters)
are even more incredible and more beautiful.

We all came knowing
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
is true
and we all know it even more now.
To serve the Lord here has been our
"mission family" quest.

~Firenze Zone~
June 11th
Sorelle - Maddison, Carlson, Winger, Southard, Slla Allen, Haisman, Mason (STL) Stanton, Smith (STL)
Anziani - Conrad, Rossi, Judkins, Sheets, DeBeikes, O'Riordan (ZL) Pres Allen, Parke, Humble, Mosteller, Wickizer (ZL) van der Put, Nelson


~Bologna Zone~
June 12
Sorelle - Wright, Paniagua, Zhonga, Auger,Slla Allen, Cheeney, Jensen, Mason, Smith
Anziani - Hepner, Eusebi, Robertson, Harris, Casper, Reynolds, Hibbard, Pres. Allen, Darrington, Bawden, Abplanalp (ZL) Moss, Downs, Prince, Brady

~Venezia Zone~
June 13

Front to back - Pres & Slla Allen,
Sorelle - Wengert, Spencer (STL) Crosbie, Anderson, Fisher, Dent, Bodily (STL) Newman,
Pearson, Sanders, Thorstrom
Anziani - Ariante(ZL) Larsen, Thorstrom, Duffy, Welch(ZL) Gomez, Hopkins, Bona, Higham, Weight, Brady

~Verona Zone~
June 14
Sorelle - Devonas, Spencer(STL) Bodily(STL) Grey, Slla. Allen, Morris, Elmer, Messina, Ceraso
Anziani - Kjar, Harrison, Hulbert, Robison, Cako, Pres. Allen, Brase, Cahoon(ZL) Eden, 
Thomas, Pluchino

~Milano Est Zone~
June 18
 Sorelle - Blomquist, Cardosa, Cooper, Panah, Caroca, Torgesen, Slla Allen. Stepherson(STL) Delle Foglie(STL)  Fish, Norton, Slla Roper
Anziani - Welch(ZL) Schow, Bailey, Lombardi, Pres. Allen, Work, Buckner(ZL) Guglielmo,
Davey, Anz. Roper

~Milano Ovest Zone~
June 20
 Sorelle - Gale, Schmidt, Pereyra, Zesiger, Slla Allen, Sharp, Douadi, Sterling, Stephenson(STL) DelleFoglie(STL)
Anziani - Gale, Haws(AP) Bass, Conrad, Eliott(ZL) Fry, Rios(OA) Pres. Allen, Radant, Ross, Brown, Alabright(ZL) Escalante(OA) Nordgran(AP)  OA=Office Anziano


~Genova Zone~
June 21


Alma 38:3
I say unto you ... that I have had great joy in thee already, because of thy faithfulness and thy diligence, and thy patience and thy long-suffering among the people of  (Italy).

Our final Zone Conferences.
We love these missionaries!
They are becoming great men and women
and it has been our privilege to serve in Italy with them
and those who have gone before them.
This is
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
We know it is true!

Ci vediamo!