23 February, 2018

New Missionaries Arrive! (Feb 2018)

It's an unusually beautiful in Milan 
for February.
The sun is shining, the weather mildly cool
and our new missionaries are arriving.
We first receive two from the MTC in Spain
and then the next day all go to welcome "home"
the seven coming from the Provo MTC.
Even after the long journey they are smiling 
and anxious to do what they came to do...
"Preach repentance and baptize converts".

Now - some excerpts from the moment they arrive.
Our Spain MTC missionaries

The next day we return to receive our Provo MTC group.

~The match~

Welcome Anziano Cako
Companion - Anziano Ariante
Serving in Cimiano

Welcome Sorella Delle Foglie
Companion - Sorella Williams
Serving in Muggio

 Welcome Sorella Haisman
Companion - Sorella Button
Serving in Ravenna

Welcome Sorella Nelson
Companion - Sorella Dean
Serving in Lodi

Welcome Sorella Spencer
Companion - Sorella Minore
Serving in Modena

Welcome Sorella Roderer
Companion - Sorella Riley
Serving in Torino

Welcome Sorella Pearson
Companion - Sorella McConkie
Serving in Lampugnano

 Welcome Anziano Hatt
Companion - Anziano Young
Serving in Navigli

Welcome Anziano O'Riordan
Companion - Anziano Minnoch
Serving in Alessandria

One last picture before they go.

Another group has arrived safe and sound.
They came to be missionaries.
they were given great trainers to help them
do their best.
We are looking forward to serving with your 
sons and daughters in the Lord's beautiful Italian vineyard.
Thank you for your continues love, prayers and support.
We have a family saying that comes from Shakespeare....
"It's work, but it's good work"
(and then we add)
"because it's the Lord's work"