24 August, 2017

Zone Conferences - August 2017

We enjoyed spending quality time with our missionaries recently.
Zone Conferences are an opportunity to gather
for instruction and fellowship.
Important topics were discussed.
The overall theme was
Improving Our Teaching.

 Venezia Zone

 Rimini Zone

 Bologna Zone

 Toscana Zone

 Milano Est Zone

 Milano Ovest Zone

 Genova Zone

 Torino Zone

Verona Zone

Zone Leaders discussed how to begin a lesson and set the tone
for a Spirit-filled teaching opportunity.

Sister Trainer Leaders presented visual aids that can be used 
to assist understanding and retention within the lesson.

Assistants introduced the BOOM Chart.
"Be On Our Message"
A system of practicing a quick lesson on a specific gospel principle.

Sorella Allen taught the importance of doing better so we can 
each become MORE-mon missionaries.

President Allen encouraged our missionaries to teach the music as well as the dance.
The music is the Spirit.  The dance is the gospel.

Thanks to all for the wonderful spiritual thoughts and musical numbers.
Your willingness to serve your fellow missionaries is appreciated.