07 March, 2019

Missionaries Go Home

Ci Vediamo!... again...

How is it possible to move the work forward 
when we send home great missionaries 
every six weeks?

It is not our church.
It is not our cause.
It is not our gospel.
It is the gospel of Jesus Christ

It is HIS church.
His cause.
His gospel...
It is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
and He is in charge.
We move forward with a refreshed army 
in the "fight against sin".

It's work, but it's GOOD work...
it's the Lord's work!

Great group!

God be with you until we meet again!
Love and hugs!

New Missionaries Arrive!

This never gets old...
The excitement and preparations in anticipation
of the arrival of new missionaries is like
Christmas morning...
every six weeks!

Another great group!
We still await Sorella Zhonga
who needs a clearing of visa issues but
she should arrive soon.
Gratefully, the others made it.

Because of the domino effect of a delayed plane in
Chicago the missionaries needed
to wait for many hours in SLC before leaving.
we were not able to schedule 
the traditional metro-finding and pictures at Duomo.
They will have to visit another time.
We are just grateful they are here...
....and so are they.

Here is what I have for you...

The Match!
 Welcome Anziano Nelson!
Trainer - Anziano Ochs
Serving in Bergamo 

 Welcome Sorella Schmidt!
Trainer - Sorella Merl
Serving in Lampugnano

 Welcome Anziano Hopkins
Trainer - Anziano Harrison
Serving in Padova

 Welcome Anziano Robertson!
Trainer - Anziano Schow
Serving in Navigli

 Welcome Anziano Shepherd!
Trainer - Anziano Wickizer
Serving in Genova

 Welcome Anziano Radant!
Trainer - Anziano Lombardi
Serving in Cimiano

 Welcome Anziano Duffy!
Trainer - Anziano Buckner
Serving in Udine

 Welcome Sorella Douadi!
Trainer - Sorella Tafur
Serving in Lugano

 Welcome Sorella Fisher!
Trainer - Sorella Stanton
Serving in Gorizia

 Welcome Sorella Blomquist!
Trainer - Sorella Anderson
Serving in Lodi

Welcoming committee.
President, Assistants, Office Anziani

Dinner at the Mission's Home

Transfer predictions via gelato e' biscotti!

Next Day...

This is a wonderful group.
They understand this is a privilege and responsibility to be here.
They will do well!