22 September, 2016

Here they are!  Some of the greatest Senior Missionaries ever.
We have yet to have them all together in one place but here are six
out of ten couples.  Can I just say how important and invaluable each
individual person here is to the Milan Mission?  They help take care of
the missionaries and ward/branch members and willingly do whatever
is asked of them.  They work hard.  We love them!  The missionaries
love them!  The Lord loves them.

We had the opportunity to attend the living chess game in
Marostica which is held for three nights every other year. 
Here are a few candid shots from that event.

We recently gathered in the town of Carrara where we were able to
tour the marble quarry.  This quarry has been in operation since 1000
years B.C. and is where Michelangelo chose his marble for the statue
of David.  There are mountains and mountains of this beautiful white
marble.  It is everywhere.  Even street curbings are made from it.  

On another occasion many of us had the special opportunity of seeing
the actual marble replica statues of the Christus and the twelve apostles.
The originals, created in the 1830's, currently stand in a church in Denmark.
These exact replicas will be placed on the grounds of the Rome temple.  For
now they are in the city of Carrara where it seems the very streets
are paved with this beautiful and valuable marble. 

More postings of our Senior Couples will come in the future.  We
are sorry that some have not yet been included.  Our mission is
far and wide and gathering ALL is not an easy task.  Whether they
are with us or not ... they are so very appreciated and we say
"Thank you"! 

Special delivery!
Welcome Anziano Marocchi!
The Milano Mission is blessed to have you.