15 December, 2013

We Give Thanks for the Missionaries

The day before Thanksgiving, thirteen new missionaries arrived - all from North America and all at one time.  We were very grateful that it was a more "normal" arrival this time (they all arrived on the same flight with all of their luggage).  Twelve Anziani and one Sorella joined the mission and they already doing the Lord's work here in the land of Italy.

Some of the Office Anziani with President Dibb waiting to pick up the new arrivals and their luggage

Here they come!

Still smiling after a long flight

Looking very business-like

He's here
And another one from Hawaii
More "arrivi"

President Dibb and one of the Assistants welcoming two of the new missionaries

Coming out of the Airport 

More exiting the airport

Preparing to load the luggage in the van

All thirteen at the airport before departing to the mission office

All kinds of pizza were awaiting the new missionaries at the mission office

Then it was off to the center of Milan for some proselyting

The lone Sorella at the Duomo

Talking to people on the Metro (subway)

Part of the new group stopping for a photo in the metro station

Thanksgiving Dinner the evening of arrival at the Mission Home

Walking into the room to meet their trainers on  Thursday

The Sorelle immediately knew who their companion was

The Anziani are still wondering who their trainers might be

Receiving more training from the President before they are matched up - trainers on the left, trainees on the right

Standing to recite "Il Mio Scopo"

Sorella Dibb giving some training

All of the new missionaries with President and Sister Dibb

New missionaries with their trainers

Four generations of trainers

As the new arrive, the departing missionaries reflect upon their mission service

We give thanks for those who returned home in November

We are full of gratitude for the dedicated, true and strong servants of the Lord which fill our mission.  We have Senior Couples who work hard each day to fulfill their responsibilities in the mission in many capacities and young missionaries who take seriously their calling to find, teach and baptize those the Lord has prepared.

Below are just a few more photos of companionship introductions.
A candid shot of companions meeting each other for the first time

The announcement of the last two sets of trainers/trainees

Preparing for a picture with Presidente and Sorella Dibb