15 December, 2015

Come September

I am sorry that a new blog has been such a long time coming.  Internet at the Mission Home has been down for a few months, so we have a few blogs to catch up.
September brought many missionaries to the mission and we also said goodbye to a few.  A visa-waiting sister missionary was added to the August group before the new missionary training.

This Sorella was a Visa waiter from Italy going to the United States.

Here she is with her companion and Presidente and Sorella Dibb.

Class of August 20, 2015 - Trainers and Trainees after new missionary training at Cimiano Church

A couple of our departing missionaries

Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders at Conseglio (Mission Leadership Council) - September 14,  2015

President and Sister Dibb attended Zone Training in the Brescia Zone

This is a great young woman in La Spezia (center) who was baptized last year and her mother (left) was baptized this year.
Then the new missionaries began to arrive.  We had a Sorella and an Anziano who were from Italy waiting for their Visas for the United States.  What a blessing it is to have these native Italians jump right into their missionary service in our mission.  

Then, here they are waiting at the airport for the missionaries coming from the Provo MTC

And here they are!

New Missionaries - September 30, 2015

And a cheer for Italy!

President talking to the new missionaries

Off to load the luggage and go to the mission offices for training

Loading the luggage

Getting to know the Office Anziani

Financial training

iPad training

The next day was training at the Cimiano Church and meeting the trainers and match-ups.  Then it was off to their first cities of service.

Here come the new missionaries!

The trainers reciting Doctrine and Covenants Section 4 to the new missionaries

The new missionaries reciting "Our Purpose"  to the trainers

Instruction by President Dibb

Getting ready for the match-up

New missionary and trainer with President and Sister Dibb

Another new missionary and his trainer

The new missionaries with their copies of the Book of Mormon (with bookmarks) to read as our "gift to the Savior."

The new missionaries are excited to get to their first areas of service.

Departing Missionaries - October 1, 2015

Conseglio - October 5, 2015

Eating lunch at New Missionary Training in Pisa 

A more formal shot of New Missionary Training in Pisa

New Missionary Training in Cimiano

New Missionary Training at the Mestre Church

Assistants training the new missionaries at the Mestre Church

Formal shot of the group in Mestre

It was a busy and action-packed September.  We look forward to serving with these great new missionaries and will miss the departing missionaries greatly.  More blogs soon to come of the November and December groups.