06 April, 2018

A Changing of the AP Guard

We would like to announce
a change of assistant assignment.
An Assistant to the President
will typically serve for six months.
It can occasionally be a transfer more or less,
but Anziano Brown served faithfully 
(with his companion Anziano Dalton)
 in an exemplary and dedicated way for the last six months and
is now out in the field of Udine with a new companion.
Sincere appreciation from President and Sorella Allen,
as well as from all Milano Missionaries, for his hard work
in moving this mission forward.
Your example is not to be forgotten.

Grazie Mille Anziano Brown!

Anziani Brown and Dalton

We welcome Anziano Montalto.
We enjoy working with all our missionaries
and when change comes we never replace someone,
we simply open the door for a new person 
to continue in the Lord's work.

It is HIS work.
We all simply do our best
and lives are blessed... including our own.

Outgoing Missionaries - April 2018

The challenging "bookend" 
to every transfer week is saying "goodbye"
to our great missionaries we have loved and enjoyed
serving in the Milan Mission with.
A wonderful group of ten Sorelle and one Anziano
match our incoming group,
but we never replace...
we just move forward with a new and dedicated crew.
Thank you, thank you carissimi!

 Front two rows:  Sorelle Hoareau, Weeks, Vanderkooi, Hoffman, (Sorella and President Allen)
Anziano Alder
Back two rows:  Sorelle Hurst, Weaver, Blandford, Montgomery, Arkell, and Lewis

 Sorelle Lewis, Montgomery, Arkell, Hoareau, Anziano Alder, Sorella Allen, President Allen,
Sorelle Hurst, Blandford, Weaver, Weeks, Hoffman, Vanderkooi

Ci vediamo!
Please, stay in touch!