04 January, 2015

December Arrivals and Departers - Buon Anno a Voi!

We added twenty-six bundles of joy to our mission this month, but subtracted twenty dedicated and strong missionaries.  We look forward to serving with our new missionaries, but are feel the loss of those who strengthened , uplifted and inspired people all over Northern Italy.  The beautiful thing about a mission is that, as they serve, the eighteen month to two year period of time helps each missionary become the true servants that Heavenly Father knows they can become.  Our mission is truly blessed with wonderfully caring and striving-to-learn missionaries, old and young.

Elder and Sister Mann departed on December 12th

Elder and Sister Rose (left) arrived December 6th and Elder and Sister Harmer (right) will depart soon
On December 9th, we received three new missionaries from the Spain MTC.  We are grateful for these missionaries who already are very fluent in Italian.

Our Anziano from Italy

Our Sorella from the United States

Our Sorella from Italy

Here are the Spain arrivi with President and Sister Dibb
Then, on December 10th, we received twenty-two more, ten Sorelle and eleven Anziani.  As usual they were glad to be here after a very long flight.  They arrived on time and with all of their luggage.  HOORAY!  Sorry about some of the blurred pictures - we get so excited!

The twenty-two Provo MTC "arrivi" just out of the airport waiting for the bus and giving a cheer for Italy

Giving the Linate Airport and Italy a first look over

And then we take luggage to the bus

We are on our way to do the greatest service so far in our lives

Glad to "get going"

Is this a stop for a rest or a picture?

Missionaries and luggage ready to go to Cimiano Chapel for their first training

Doing some finding while waiting for the train on the first day

More finding

And more finding

And even more and we have not even gotten on the train!

Now we are on the train doing some finding

And we are enjoying it!

And so are those we are talking with!

Action shot of train and missionary

More finding while waiting for the second train

Now we are on the second train

Coming up out of the subway

And the assistants are not far behind

Meeting some new people in Italy

And trying to talk in the Italian language - we know that some communicating was done, if only with a smile

These Sorelle came prepared to sing a few Christmas carols at the Galleria

And attracted some interested listeners

And some more finding

and more for the next two photos

The December 2014 arriving Sorelle in front of the Milan Duomo

Now we continued to find on the way back to the Cimiano Chapel

This encounter resulted in two referrals

The Anziani in front of the Milano Duomo - but it is getting dark and the camera is not focusing correctly

But the Anziani were working hard at finding as well

Then it was off to dinner

and getting to know each other a little better

The pizza is good!

All twenty-four young missionaries outside the restaurant

Entering the room the next day to meet their trainers

Trainers and trainees in the same room

Being instructed before the match-ups

And then the match-up and pictures with the President

President talking to a new missionary about his great new companion

and here they are together for final permesso instruction

Italy Milan Mission Class of December 2014

And here they are with their trainers

Lunch before departing to their first areas of service

The afternoon and evening of the 11th of December was spent in sending off the departing missionaries.  They will be sorely missed!

December 11, 2014 - Departing Group

On the evening of December 12th. we took this Elder to the Malpensa Airport to depart to his home in Australia

Just before Christmas, we enjoyed two days of new missionary training.  We talked about finding, teaching, planning, presentation, apartments and finances.  We hope that the new missionaries received helps for a great start to their missionary service so that they may be the best instruments in Heavenly Father's hands to share His doctrine with the people of Northern Italy.  The training was held in two locations - Padova and Milano Lampugnano.

Singing the opening song in Padova

Asking a new missionary what this is used for (in the apartment)

Answering a question

Sharing thoughts

Giving a "soft" bump

The assistants doing some training

Body language says it all

The last of the Padova images

On to Milano!

New Sorelle learning new things

Elder Harmer talking about finances

Taking it all in

More Sorelle at the new missionary training

And a few Anziani in Milano

The Assistants "cleaning up and doing dishes" after Christmas Dinner
We had a wonderful 2014 and pray that we might have an even better 2015 as we seek to have a mission culture of being obedient "Preach My Gospel" missionaries.  We ask for your help in this "Work", as friends and family of missionaries in Northern Italy.  We appreciate your prayers, your encouragement and your support - that we may show a greater focus and an increase of love of our service here and for the people of Northern Italy.

BUON ANNO A VOI!  (Happy New Year to You!)