14 August, 2018

Our Humanitarian Couple Arrive

We welcome Anziano and Sorella Gale
to the Italy Milan Mission.
They are assigned to the humanitarian efforts
of this area.
They are great, and they are needed.
There is work to do here
and they came to work.
They are delightful and we are blessed
as they seek to bless the lives of others. 

Even after such a very long flight.
They can do this!

Eighteen Anziani Going Home

Certainly some days are harder than others.
It can be the fault of the weather, or people who don't keep appointments,
a tough day for a companion, sore feet...
This day was hard.
We said good-bye to eighteen wonderful Anziani.
We knew them from beginning to end. 
They had personal ups and downs... like all missionaries...
but here they are - at the official end.
Oh how we love and adore these men!
We never replace our missionaries.
We just try to stay in the row they have worked hard to hoe.

We must move the work forward without them.
Yep - this is a hard day.

Rows - Left to Right (best I can)
Row 1-(Sorella and President Allen) Sanchez-Di Bella 
Row 2- Tumblin, Wilson
Row 3- Larsen, C. Johnson, Kewene-Hite
Row 4- Simkins, P. Johnson, Mcewen, Aglaure
Row 5- Cuthbert, Fisher, Montalto, M. Johnson
Row 6- Young, Rappleye, Tingey
Row 7- Peterson, Dixon

"Bretheren, shall we not go on in so great a cause?  
Go forward and not backward.  
Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory!"
D&C 128:22

Ci vediamo!!
You will be greatly missed!!

Bridge Collapse in Genova

Dear Parents and Friends,
   You may have heard that a bridge in Genova collapsed today.  This is a terrible tragedy.  We want to let you know that our/your missionaries are accounted for and are safe.

    Overall we consider the infrastructure of our mission modern and safe.  President and I travel many miles throughout the mission and have been impressed with where we have traveled and the condition of the roads and bridges.

   We are well, but our thoughts and prayers are sent to those who have passed or are suffering because of this tragedy.

   President and Sorella Allen