25 November, 2017

Benvenuto Presidente Mossimo Botta!

Exciting news!
Presidente Massimo Botta has accepted the call 
and been set apart
to serve as a counselor to President Allen in
the Italy Milan Mission.

Presidente Botta was recently released as 
President of the Verona Italy Stake
and we are looking forward to having his expertise
added to the strength of this mission.

President Botta is a Family Counselor
and a carpenter of fine furniture.
He and his wife are parents of five children
and live in the Bergamo area.

Sorella Botta is currently assisting with housing contracts
for our missionaries and will continue in that effort.  
She is an institute teacher 
and, we have recently discovered, a very fine cook
and talented in embroidery handiwork.

We are indeed blessed
and will enjoy serving with them.


Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Sabin 2017

Thanksgiving is a time of gathering.
We gathered our missionaries in two groups to enjoy instruction
from Elder and Sister Sabin,
a counselor in our Europe Area Presidency.
We certainly are feeling blessed and realize there is much for us to be thankful for.
This was "mission family time" and it was treasured by us all.

Wednesday - Lampugnano building

 Thursday - Modena Building

Friday - Consiglio - Cimiano building

Our instruction was inspiring and we are energized and ready
to move forward and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to all who will listen.
Christmas is coming. . . 
. . . a great opportunity to share the Light.

The missionaries also enjoyed wonderful associations 
and great lunches together.  
Just like any family - gathering for Thanksgiving.

Sorella Allen -
We are a mission of faith, a mission of  miracles

We are a mission of obedience and hard work.

We are not spiritual beggars.
We will receive our faith and miracles because we will EARN them.
Obedience matters.  Hard work matters.
Earn your "red sword".

President Allen -
Why is it that what we are doing here matters?

...because I know it is true... 
because I love the Lord, our family, and you.
You are here for the same reasons.
Always remember "why".  

Sister Sabin - 
Stretch, not stress!  
Read "Preparing for Missionary Life" every day.
Set goals.  Remember, it will all work out.

Elder Sabin -
Are we "becoming" WHO we need to be, not just where.

Is this going to be another meeting or are you going to receive revelation?
Every meeting CAN be exciting ... because of this revelation.

 Don't worry about it!
This is the Lord's work, He will do the worrying.
Just do the best you possibly can.

"Dear fellow saints, let us be cheerful!"
Joseph Smith to the saints as they were being driven
from their homes.

Sincerely pray (prayer-paration) in this work.
Avoid rationalization.
Ask the Lord, "What lack I yet".

What if we woke up in the morning and we only
had the blessings we were grateful for the night before?

#1 Things you are grateful for
(place the Atonement at the top)
#2 Things you will NEVER do.
#3 Things you will AWLAYS do.

Be inspired by your testimony.
Strengthen your gospel knowledge.
Strengthen your spirit to have a testimony of power and courage.

The Plan - what everyone yearns for!
True doctrine - resonates with all.
Teach what the Atonement really means.

Wag more ... bark less.
(Lord, help me become the kind of person my dog thinks I am)

Don't go on a mission and not become a missionary.
Be grateful for this opportunity in work and prayer.

What is of greater importance... to move mountains or to change hearts?

 D&C 90:24
(Formula for life)
Answer your own prayers.

No-one has sinned tomorrow.
Be a master of the media, not a servant.

So goes your mission - so goes your life...
Attack the day!

You may want it to be your mission, it is not... it's the Lord's mission.

Sacrifice means you get less that what you give... this is NOT a sacrifice.

Be someone the Lord can trust.
One baptism means generations of strength.

"Fill your mind with truth, your  heart with love and your life with service."
Thomas S. Monson

It is not enough to teach a principal... give them a promise.
What do these things mean for us personally?
Then share.

Become strong enough to resist sin.
Satan has no hold if you consistently resist.

If people understand they need to be clean, they will be baptized sooner than later.

We were excited to be able to share some of bella Italia with
Elder and Sister Sabin.
There are many wonderful sights to behold in this great historic land,
but they pale in comparison to these sons and daughters of God
who have been prompted by personal testimonies to
share the gospel of Jesus Christ
(all the truths that are available to man in this final dispensation)
with the people of Italy.
We love them.  We honor them.  We serve with them.
It has been a very special Thanksgiving.
Siamo grati!

Elder Sabin presented this "P" list.
Pray - every day
Page - read something every day.  Don't miss.
Ponder - think about what it means to you.  Commit.
Praise - be kind, thoughtful, forgiving. Compliment daily.
Purity - let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly. Win.
Play - wholesome recreation is important and doctrinal.
Patience - good things take time.
Peace - the result.
*Beware of pride.  No guile.  I am not better.
*Have humility.