24 February, 2015

Decisions Determine Destiny

What a heavenly time the Italy Milan Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints experienced between February 9th and February 20th!  Eight Zone Conferences were held in locations from Torino to Mestre.  The mission leaders in each zone prepared and discussed thoughts and ideas taken from talks given by President Thomas S. Monson entitled "Decisions Determine Destiny."  With inspiration from our Father in Heaven, Preach My Gospel and the lives of the people shown in the movie, "Meet the Mormons," we learned things personally and collectively about how decisions can change eternal destinies and how our choices will determine what happens in our mission and in the rest of our lives.

Because of the training we received, we will seek to create more ways to love our companions, our investigators and our message. We gained insights into how realizing the promises in our Patriarchal Blessings can help us to become more successful missionaries.  We shared our talents and our photos of our missionary efforts.  We practiced to become more effective teachers while finding those searching for the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We committed to use time wisely and teach more effectively.  We laughed and cried, and sang and prayed together. We were given tools and learned ways to serve with our ward members to carry out our Europe Area Plan.  We felt the harmony of the Spirit of God.  We became united in our zones and in our mission as our mission leaders led out to invite us to make this the best year ever in the Italy Milan Mission.  It will become the best year ever --- as we make decisions to assist ourselves and others to determine a glorious mission and a grand eternal destiny!

Torino Zone - February 9, 2015

A companionship shares their talents in Torino.  Zone leaders are in the foreground.

Role play for "Teach to Find"

More role play

And more

Then they "taught to find" President Dibb in Torino.

Celebrating birthdays in Genova at the Alessandria Zone Conference

Our pianist in Genova

And our soloist at the Alessandria Zone Conference

Listening and learning at the Alessandria Zone Conference

The Assistants to the President were awesome teachers

 in showing us how to "teach to find."

And then we practiced

and practiced

and practiced

until we found President at the door while practicing casa.

Alessandria Zone - February 10, 2015

Birthday celebration in Modena for Modena and Rimini Zones

Sharing a special musical number (sorry for the blurriness)

Our pianist in Modena

Modena Zone - February 12, 2015

Rimini Zone - February 12, 2015

Birthdays in the Firenze Zone

Zone Leaders teaching in Firenze

Special choir in Firenze

Pianist in Firenze

Assistants teaching in Firenze

Role play with "bumped fists" afterward

More practicing of teaching to find

And more

Mezzi finding practice (how about that bus driver!)

More practice at the Firenze Zone Conference

Teaching to find in casa

Mezzi (public transportation) finding practice

Preparation for the photograph of the Firenze Zone

 Firenze Zone - February 13, 2015

On to Verona - watching the mission video

Birthdays in Verona for the Verona and Bergamo Zones

Performers of musical number in Verona

Assistants teaching in Verona

And then some practice of "Teach to Find"

And more practice

One of our great mission couples visiting at Verona

Bergamo Zone - February 16, 2015

Verona Zone - February 16, 2015

Milan Ovest birthdays

Our soloist and accompanist at the Lampugnano Chapel

Role play with a mission leader mentor looking on

Mezzi finding practice

President Dibb summarizing the day in Lampugnano

Milan Ovest Zone - February 17, 2015

At present, all three of our French missionaries serve in the Milan Ovest Zone.

We are so glad to have them in our mission.

One of the great couples in the mission who are serving in Milan.

Singing the opening hymn (Zone Leaders on the right) 

at the Milan Est Zone Conference.




and more practice

Milan Est Zone - February 19, 2015

The final February 2015 Zone Conference at the beautiful Mestre Chapel

Birthday celebration

during lunch for the Venezia and Bologna Zones

Our soloist and accompanist in Mestre

Our wonderful Italian senior couple who serve in Treviso.

President and the Assistants sharing "pointers" for teaching

Mezzi finding practice

Bologna Zone leaders teaching about working with members 

Venezia Zone Leaders teaching about the Mission Vision for 2015

Venezia Zone - February 20, 2015

Bologna Zone- February 20, 2015
We could be in many places around the world, doing many other things.  However, we have chosen to serve a full-time mission for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and have been called by a Prophet of the Lord to serve in Northern Italy.  Our time is precious and brief in this beautiful country.  We are striving each day to follow Him and share the message of joy of His restored Church on the Earth with others - that all who choose to accept our message may fulfill their eternal destiny.