16 September, 2016

One-on-one time with our missionaries.
We love each one, and everyone.

New Missionary Training

 Our most recent "greenies" and their wonderful trainers.
After 4 weeks of missionary service we bring them 
all back for additional training. This is a great and capable group! 

After sitting for the "serious stuff"
we incorporate learning activities to keep their
minds fresh and their bodies moving.  This activity focused on working well with their companion.  We talk about
their experience and what they've learned.  
They had very insightful observations.

New activity.  Problem solving.  Each companionship had to work together to disconnect the strings without taking them off their wrists.  There is a solution.  They had to ask for help.  
It's OK.  There are always solutions. 

Don't make it more complicated than it already is Anziani!