01 December, 2017

Outgoing Missionaries November 2017

Time in missions is not normal - ever.
Days can drag and weeks can speed by,
or days speed and a transfer can be gone in a blink.
The end always comes before we are ready - always.
Each transfer we send home wonderful missionaries who
have taken their time of service very seriously.
These are some of our very best - again.

Words cannot express our love and appreciation.
This group has been 
Dedicated, diligent, exemplary, secondo, obedient, loving, joyful!
And their service will be remembered - forever.

Ci vediamo e' vi voglio bene!

Match and First City!

Anticipation is high!
In less than 24 hours after arriving in Italy
these wonderful new missionaries will receive 
their first companion and first area.
It is more than exciting...
...it is inspiring,
because much prayer, preparation and inspiration
was involved in these decisions.
Now is their opportunity to finally, finally
be the disciples of Jesus Christ
they came to be.

 Welcome Anziano Nordgran
Companion - Anziano Baker
Serving in Savona

 Welcome Sorella Walker
Companion - Sorella Kopischke
Serving in Alessandria

 Welcome Anziano Moss
Companion - Anziano Stratton
Serving in Torino

 Welcome Sorella Flores
Companion - Pacheco
Serving in Como

 Welcome Anziano Elwood
Companion - Anziano Hackanson
Serving in Como

 Welcome Anziano Ariante
Companion - Anziano Montalto
Serving in Cimiano 

 Welcome Sorella Williams
Companion - Sorella Nielsen
Serving in Muggio

 Welcome Sorella Dean
Companion - Sorella Pope
Serving in Lodi

 Welcome Sorella Henderson
Companion - Sorella Mitchell
Serving in Bologna

 Welcome Anziano Mckinstry
Companion - Anziano Castillejos
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Sorella Frandsen
Companion - Sorella Richards
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Sorella Reeder
Companion - Sorella Ruby
Serving in Pordenone

 Welcome Sorella Button
Companion - Sorella Button
Serving in Ravenna

 Welcome Anziano Elliot
Companion - Anziano Johnson
Serving in Montevarchi

 Welcome Anziano Abplanalp
Companion - Anziano Christensen
Serving in Firenze

 Welcome Anziano Davey
Companion - Anziano Larsen
Serving in Padova

 Welcome Sorella Parker
Companion - Sorella Epps
Serving in Ancona

 Welcome Sorella Peterson
Companion - Sorella Weeks
Serving in Forli

We are certainly blessed!
Great missionaries have arrived to serve
as they have been called by a Prophet.
They are brave, loving, kind, happy, and 
filled with the Light of Christ.

Siamo grati!

New Missionaries Arrive & Duomo - Nov 2017

Remember the store of Moses
and the Children of Israel...
They wandered in the wilderness very much
dependent on the Lord for their daily sustenance...
"it was like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like 
wafers made with honey."
~Exodus 16:31~

Our newest missionaries have joyfully accomplished
their exodus to the Italy Milan Mission,
and we certainly consider them a blessing... 
...like Manna.

The following are moments from their first day.
They were able to place 11 copies of The Book of Mormon
and received almost as many referral opportunities.
Manna is sweet.


 First arrivals on Tuesday from the Spain MTC
Anziano Ariante from Naples and Sorella Flores from Bolivia


Welcome committee for our Provo MTC group.

 And they come!
Full of smiles and faith and high anticipation!

First group on their way to Duomo.
The metro is a wonderful opportunity to find people to
invite to come unto Christ.

Pictures only give you a glimpse of the grandeur. 

Next group...
This time our proselyting will be contained to the metro.
I do not have pictures of all missionaries 
due to my inability to travel between metro cars.
They were ever bit the equal of the first group
and our success was not hampered by our limited opportunity.

Dinner time.
Ensalata, pizza, lasagne, gelato.

Now the day is over;
Night is drawing nigh;
Shadows of the evening
Still across the sky.

Good night and God bless.