05 June, 2018

Anziano Wilson Returns

We are glad to receive Anziano Wilson
as he returns to his mission service 
after a torn ACL.

The operation was a success.
We welcome him "home".

He will be serving in Montevarchi.

It is SO very great to have you back!

Consiglio - May 2018

We appreciate our mission leadership.

There is great responsibility in their assignments.
They are asked to be their best at being the best.
If the top "can't" the others "won't".
We wonder how we have been so blessed with such excellent
We know they care about this work because they 
love Jesus Christ.
Like the primary song:
"I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints.
I know who I am, I know God's plan.
I'll follow Him in faith."

Thank you for your faithful example of following.

L-R Sorelle :
Berrey, Santoro, Mineer, Dean, Pope, Evans, (Sorella Allen) Dawson, 
Henderson, Mitchell, Bowthorpe

L-R Anziani :
Dalton (AP), Sanchez de Bella, Hendry, Gould, Laudert, Johnson, Stratton, Gilette, Simkins, Douglas, (President Allen) Baker, Haws, Christensen, Dalton, Ross, Kjar, Gleave, McCuen, Workman, Montalto (AP)

This is a strong group.

"I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I'll honor His name.
I"ll do what is right;  I'll follow His light.
His truth I will proclaim."

That is what we came to do.