09 February, 2018

Zone Conferences - February 2018

It has been a wonderful two weeks of Zone Conferences
with our missionaries.
They are dedicated and hard working
and family members can be proud of what they are accomplishing.
I will also give you a synopsis of
what was presented in the conferences. 
We are gearing up to accomplish
It will be hard
we can do hard things.
We are a mission of faith a mission of miracles
We are a mission of obedience and hard work.
 Milano Est Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Dixon and Laudert

Milano Ovest Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Korak and Wagstaff

Torino Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Crowther and Marte

Genova Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Johnson and Johnson

Verona zone
One Leaders - Anziani Levitt and Challis

Venezia Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Aglaure and Kewene-Hite

Bologna Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Austin and Marocchi

Toscana Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Wilson and McEwen

Rimini Zone
Zone Leaders - Anziani Tumblin and Peterson

ZC Agenda with Notes:

 President Allen
I ask you to lift your personal level of performance.
No playing cards in the church.
Be attentive to the White Handbook guidelines on music,
proper missionary titles, language and
comportment with fellow missionaries.
Check companions technical devices weekly.
Keep cell phones in our pockets/purses during meetings.

Zone Leaders
We must diligently and joyfully find.
Use Milano321 to help missionaries and members set goals.
We must assume 100% responsibility in finding.
Goal - one new investigator per week.

Sister Trainer Leaders
The importance of companionship study.
Companions who study together each day are more unified and prepared
to be tools in the Lord's hands
and enjoy the blessing of the presence of the Holy Ghost.

Safety and Preparedness
Be ready with emergency funds, food and prudent behavior
in the event of a natural or man made disaster.

Sorella Allen
"There must needs be opposition in ALL things"
We must prepare to be opposed in our work
and meet the challenge like the heroes we are.
Have the courage to meet opposition wherever it comes from.
(and not BE the opposition.)
Repent and - like Enos - be forgiven
of our sins.

President Allen
Statistics of how our mission compares with the Europe Area average.
We are very low in finding, high in other areas.
Our push/commission is to find.
To the older missionaries:
please work hard to the end.  Leave a culture of obedience and hard work.
To the younger missionaries:
Look to the older missionaries. Follow their example.
Be Christ centered and focus driven.
Be "red sword" and "red balloon" missionaries.
(Focus - work hard - stretch)

~Additional pictures~

Now -
Let's go and be amazing!