22 May, 2019

New Missionary Training!

It's been five weeks now.
They came as strangers to us
WE were strangers to them.
They were placed with strangers
to live with 24/7
and expected to work hard
and do their best as a companionship.
This is a great group of new missionaries.
Their desire to fulfill their calling is noble and heartfelt.
The Lord is on their side.
Their time in Italy will bless the people of this country
as the people of this country, 
in turn,
bless them.
What great additions to the Italy Milan Mission Family!
Blessings all around.

 Sorelle - Elmer, Caroca, Sanders, Pearson, Southard, Winger, Slla Allen, Crosbie, Dent, 
Snow, Mancebo, Torgeson, Messina
Anziani - Moss, Kjar, Sheets, Mosteller, Halterman, Bowden, Pres. Allen, Parke, DeBeikes, Bona, Lex, Prince, Pluchino, Brady

I feel the need to explain .... I do not typically take pictures during trainings unless I feel I can do it without disrupting.  The bulk of these pictures are before, during a learning activity, and after.
I will share the reasons for the balloons later...

We each came into the mission with goals. (Pres represents goals)
Some were for others - some were for ourselves.
We put all our energy (blow up the balloon) and the support of
loving families and prayers from the temples into our days. 

Out of 26 balloons... only 3 actually came in contact with the goal.  
Few of the others even came close.
We needed a plan...
and string, tape and a straw...

All is ready!
The string (plan) is attached to the goal
The balloon is taped (our stick-to-it-ness) to 
the Straw (PMG, White Hand Book, 12 Week, Scriptures...).
The balloon is filled with all our energy and let go....
All but one reached it's goal!

If we properly utilize the tools we are given on a mission, 
and make a plan,
our goals will be reached.
What sweet (Toblerone) rewards!

... and then they go to serve!