Rome Temple

After years of fasting and prayer by members and missionaries, the Rome Temple was announced in the First session of October 2008, General Conference by President Thomas Monson. As a mission we have been preparing for a Temple in Italy for years. This announcement was in many ways, a miracle to the Italian saints and all missionaries who have served in Italy.

President Thomas S. Monson broke ground for the Rome Italy Temple on October 23, 2010. Announced in 2008, the 40,000-square-foot (3,700 square meter) temple will be the twelfth in Europe and the first in Italy. The 15-acre (6 ha) site will include a meetinghouse, a visitors’ center, a family history center, and patron housing.
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Temples are such a blessing to all saints everywhere.  We feel particularly grateful to have one coming to Italy. We are constantly working to prepare ourselves for the Rome temple. The site will also have a Family History Center, Visitors Center, and Stake Center.

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Construction Status

As of May 2016, interior work is progressing at the Rome Italy Temple under the new general contractor. For much of the past two years, construction advancements have been limited, and work has been focused largely on replacing subpar materials and redoing work to bring the temple to the standard contracted by the Church. Long delays experienced in 2014 under the original contractor prompted an official statement from the Church in January 2015: "In recent months, progress on the Rome Italy Temple slowed due to contractor difficulties not related to this project. Those challenges have been addressed, and work will soon resume at a normal pace. No dates have been announced for completion. We are grateful that our members have extended their faith and prayers and sought heaven's help in seeing this important project through to completion." In the months that followed, foreign contractors were flown in to oversee the building's completion. Obtaining visas for those individuals and meeting Italy's other entry requirements proved a lengthy process. Work on the other buildings at the temple site is nearing completion.
On September 18, 2014, the Deputy Mayor of Rome, Luigi Nieri, toured the construction site of the Rome Italy Temple. He praised the Church for the work being accomplished and promised to return for the open house, which has not yet been announced.
On September 7, 2014, members of the Rome Italy East Stake dedicated their fast to the construction progress of the Rome Italy Temple and to the workers' ability to build to the exacting standards required by the Church. Little has changed on the exterior since January, but work continues slowly on the interior. A large amount of work has been accomplished on the temple grounds including walkways made of travertine pavers quarried in Italy. Construction continues simultaneously on a stake center, visitors' center, and patron arrival and housing center. A beautiful stand of Italian stone pines leading to the temple decorate the construction site. A grove of olive trees that once stood on site were transplanted into crates for preservation and then reintegrated into the landscaping.

Temple Design

The resplendent interior of the Rome Italy Temple features beautiful Italian-quarried Perlato Svevo marble on surfaces throughout the building including floors, walls, and countertops. Other stones quarried in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Brazil, are inlaid as accents. Magnificent floor work is featured in the baptistry and grand foyer, which reflects Michelangelo's design at the Piazza del Campidoglio on top of Rome's Capitoline Hill. The pattern is also seen in the sculpted off-white carpets in the Celestial and sealing rooms. The majesty of the temple is further reflected in the choice of artwork, stained glass, crown moldings, and other furnishings and finishes.2

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