06 October, 2017

October Zone Conferences 2017

Exciting times!!

We are now an online proselyting mission!
Each companionship has now received a "smart phone"
with the option to own it personally.  
Our church leadership, mission president, 
and God
believe they are up to this task. 

It will diligence in using the four safeguards:
1- Be in Tune with Spiritual Promptings
2- Be Focused on Your Missionary Purpose
3-Be Disciplined
4- Be one

These safeguards were compared to a
1- Corral, 2- Saddle, 3- Bridle, 4- Training
they will need to competently ride the rearing horse named "Internet".

"Remember, the Lord has confidence in you and in each missionary He has called."
~Safeguards for Using Technology~

 President asked them to 
Open their mouths!
To preach "by the wayside"
Satan tried to "bind the tongue" of Joseph Smith as he prayed in the Sacred Grove.
We must not allow him to do the same to us.
Fear not!

 Torino Zone

Verona Zone

Milano Est

 Milano Ovest

 Genova Zone

Toscana Zone

Bologna Zone

Rimini Zone

Venezia Zone

We enjoyed our time together.
Phones are set up and ready to go.
WE are also ready to go as well!
Please - help our missionaries do their best
by doing YOUR best to support them in being obedient.
Thank you.