08 August, 2014

Senior Couples' Conference and Consiglio

Consiglio (Mission Leadership Council) was held July 4, 2014.  The My Family booklet was emphasized to use in retaining new converts and in finding new investigators.  Each missionary is working on their own My Family booklet as well.  Thank you families in supporting your missionary in obtaining pictures and stories about their ancestors.  At Consiglio, we also talked about the complete proselyting missionary.  As our missionaries become more mature in the mission, they have the opportunity of becoming greater examples of effective proselyting missionaries.

A happy Assistant to the President setting up for Conseglio

A candid shot of some of our Sister Training Leaders with President and Sister Dibb

Sister Training Leaders - July 4, 2014

Another candid shot

Mission Leadership Council - July 4, 2014

Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President - July 4, 2014
 On July 17th and 18th, 2014, a conference for the thirteen senior couples (including President and Sister Dibb) in our mission was held at Verona.  We have couples serving in many different capacities.  Some couples are Member Leadership Support, some are Military Relations, some are Records Preservation, some are Health, CES and Office Support.  Each of these couples has a vital role in our mission and the young missionaries just LOVE them!  
During the conference, we learned of what being a Records Preservation Missionary entails.  We were given automobile instruction, inspecting missionary apartments information, finances, telephones and general safety in all of these areas.  President Dibb also gave an inspirational and uplifting message.  Best of all, we came to know each other better.
We love serving with our senior missionaries!

Brother and Sister Savoldi's presentation on the "Verona Project"

Listening and learning

Senior Couple Missionaries - Italy Milan Mission - July 17, 2014

Dinner together after the conference meeting

We are blessed with couples from Italy, France and many places in the United States.  We thank them for their sacrifice and service.

During the end of June and all of July, President Dibb traveled the mission to interview each missionary.  This occurred mostly during District Meetings.  This is a special time for counsel and encouragement and to receive reports of the service and progress of each missionary.

We love our missionaries and feel that Heavenly Father has  sent the best missionaries in all the world to the Italy Milan Mission!