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  2. Hello- I live in Denver, Co and we are SO excited about the Rome Temple. My husband and I currently work in the Denver Temple and have dreams of filling a temple mission in Rome, in approximately 10 years. We have heard many rumors about the delays in construction: even that it was taken down to ground level and reconstructed. Can you please clarify what happened?

    1. The Temple indeed had some set-backs, but it is now on track to be completed in about 1 year from this date. In fact, not two months ago the Angel Moroni was put on top of the Temple.

  3. I thought you may want to see this!

  4. Buongiorno , mi chiamo Paolo Palmieri .
    Sono membro della Chiesa e vivo con la mia famiglia a Taylorsville ( Utah ).
    Ieri parlavo con i miei figli e loro si lamentavano che non vedono mai i missionari in giro o che vengono a trovarci a casa . Eravamo abituati a ricevere i missionari spesso quando vivevamo in Italia .
    Ho pensato cosa fare e oggi mentre leggevo la Liahona ho sentito fortemente di chiedervi questo : potrebbero i missionari nella vostra Missione , spedirci delle lettere per i nostri figli ? si chiamano Aaron (10 anni) , Jordan (8 anni ) ed Isabel ( 6 anni ).
    Non abbiamo fretta di riceverle ma ci piacerebbe molto , aiuterebbe i nostri figli a rafforzare la loro testimonianza .
    Il nostro indirizzo è : Palmieri family , 3713 w. Christy hill way , 84129 Taylorsville Utah

    Grazie , Paolo Palmieri

  5. Is there a supplemental packet for incoming missionaries? We got a general one with the mission call, but wondered if the mission sent out specifics in addition. Thanks!

  6. On the "Mission Facts" page, the name of the Church is written in error. The official name of the Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (the T in The is in fact capitalized and the D in Latter-day is not).

    Please see for more information

  7. Hi, you emailed to ask us to complete the departing missionary form, but the drop down for departure dates doesn't have our missionary's date (September 2018) on it. We emailed you on March 18th to let you know this but so far no reply and the form still hasn't been updated, hence this message on here.

  8. Hi there!
    We were wondering about the itinerary for our missionary coming home next month. Some of the families have already received it but we have not heard anything yet. Could you please let us know if the letter we filled out with the returning information was received?
    Thank you!

  9. Hi I was wondering I am coming to the milan mission this year and I was a little confused on some of the information on smartphones. Am I supposed to purchase one before I go out or when I get to Italy? Does the mission use ipads or what is the technology use? Also I found D&A 18:44 on the website is that like the mission scripture or what is it? Thank you

  10. I am Sorella Pacheco´s mother and I feel so gratefull for the support and love that you give to my daughter her like a family, there in your Mission. She is really happy to be there with all of you and our family feel really blessed to can read her emails each week with all her wonderful experiences and feellings. Thank you so much!

  11. I am from Brazil. I am a former missionary and I am interested in visiting the perfect Rome Temple.
    I was told there is a district counselour there in Milano called Marcio Ronsoni da Luz and he has worked for the new temple these days....
    I served mission with him in Brazil, São Paulo East Mission.
    Lots of his former companions would like to contact him
    What can I do to contact him? And how can I visit the temple?
    55 81 9 8321 6777 PHONE AND WHATSAPP.
    Hope to here from you soon...

  12. Hello,

    My husband and I were at church this past Sunday and changed for the day after services in the restroom upstairs. This morning he discovered that he is missing one shoe (called Hey Dude) with his arch support inside. If this has been found, would you please email me back as well as my husband at

    We leave Venice Wednesday morning.

    Thank you,

    Kara Carlson