17 December, 2011

The Magnificent Seven

This transfer, we received 7 wonderful anziani!  We are so excited for them to join our ranks and be able to witness and participate in the myriad of miracles in the Milan Mission that are happening EVERY DAY!  Here are some photos from the first day of these great missionaries...
Anziano Sanacuore, Anziano Ibba, Anziano Modugno, Anziano May, Anziano Mustafaraj, Anziano Gessel, and Anziano Murphy

Then, as always, we sent three of our beloved missionaries back into the anxious hands of their families.  I recognize that this picture is not crystal clear, but I hope that you can see what I can in their eyes. 
The greatest miracle is a change of heart.  As missionaries leave, it is hard to say goodbye.  But it is rewarding to be able to look into their eyes and see that they have come to know their Savior more, trust their Heavenly Father, and heed the Spirit.  That gleam in their eyes is joy.  The kind of joy that lasts forever.
D&C 18:10-16
Anziano Snedaker, Sorella Ryan, and Anziano Healey