26 April, 2012

Three by three

At this time in your life, a mission call from the Lord, my young friends, is the most important work that you can do. Prepare now, live righteously, learn from your family and Church leaders, and come join with us in building the kingdom of God on earth—accept your divine appointment in so great a cause.

-Ronald A. Rasband

Arriving and departing missionaries is always a time for reflecting on what has been and what is yet to come.

This week we had the bittersweet experience of sending home three super sorelle.


Sorelle Burgoyne, Williams and Willey each left their mark in their own powerful way and will not be soon forgotten.

A special thank you goes to Sorella Burgoyne who started this blog among the many other things she did working in the mission office. She spent almost a year working in the office and did an amazing job.

We are sad to see them go, but excited for to see what they might do with the rest of their lives. They are leaving the mission having done so much and they have been well prepared for the rest of their lives.

We also had the pleasure to welcome three wonderful new missionaries.

DSCN1023  DSCN1026

They may be the most international group of incoming missionaries yet.

Anziano Young from Australia, Sorella Gomez from Mexico and Sorella McNamara from the United States.


We are excited for these new missionaries. It’s so exciting to see them on the brink of such a great experience. Already we love them and pray for them. We are grateful for their preparation and we anxiously anticipate the great missionaries that they surely will become.