01 July, 2011

The Office

We have a few changes and additions to our wonderful office staff and Assistants.  Joining us this transfer, are Anziani Bolnick and Duersch as Traveling Assistants, Anziano Maughan as Assistant to the President, and Sorella Ryan in the office.  We definitely love our leaders and greatly appreciate all of the effort they put forth to make this work possible for all of us!


Our Favorite People

Last week, we had the wonderful privilege of having all of the Senior Missionaries together in one location!  We are so grateful for the light, enthusiasm, and sheer wisdom which they bring to our mission.  Thank you all for supporting your parents and grandparents in coming out here to help us!  We love our Senior Missionaries!  Every.  Single.  One.

Senior Missionaries 062411

From top left forward: Anziano Fuller, Sorella and Anziano Maughan, Anziano Rampton, Anziano Herndon, Anziano Ritchie, Sorella Fuller, Sorella Rampton, Anziano Robinson, Anziano Price, Sorella Herndon, Sorella Price, Sorella Ritchie, Sorella Manning, Sorella Robinson, and President & Sorella Wolfgramm.